Pod Pro VS chiliSLEEP VS BedJet: cooling for a good night’s sleep

another sleepless night due to being hot and sweaty at night in bed

Not getting a good night’s sleep because you’re waking up hot, sweaty, or throwing off all your blankets even on a cold night? It just might be your mattress that’s the problem.

Although it may sound strange, your mattress can absorb and trap your body’s heat–and cause all those sleepless nights and sleep disturbances. So if you sleep hot, a cooling mattress or device is often a great solution to get that good night’s sleep.

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Smart cooling mattresses and similar devices

While some mattresses are made from materials that breathe and cool, the newest ones to hit the market are smart cooling mattresses/devices. control unit for chiliPAD

To help the hot sleepers out there (confession: my wife is one of them), we decided to compare 3 of the most popular cooling mattresses that promise the best sleep: Eight Sleep’s Pod Pro VS Chili VS BedJet.

While there is no single “best” mattress for poor sleep sufferers, one that’s medium-firm combined with an ability to maintain an optimal sleep temperature is your best choice.

So let’s dive into looking first at just what an optimal sleeping temperature is?

Optimal sleeping temperature Sleeping in the bed feet and legs only

According to sleep experts, your bedroom temperature should be between 60 Fahrenheit (15.5 Celsius) and 67 F (19.5 C) for optimal sleep for most adults.

As you sleep, your body temperature naturally decreases. A cooler room helps your body bring its own temperature down.

That’s why experts recommend that your bedroom stays cool, dark, and quiet. All of these things help you fall and stay asleep.

If you achieve an optimal temperature in your bedroom but still struggle with feeling hot during your sleep, a cooling mattress is likely the best way to get that much-needed REM sleep.

What are a smart mattress and sleep system? 

A smart mattress connects with other smart devices such as smartphones or smart home assistants. Pod Pro app smart temp settings

Once connected, your device gathers data on your sleep patterns, and you control the mattress features remotely.

For folks that tend to sleep hot, a smart cooling mattress helps to keep your sleeping temperature comfortable by adjusting the temperature as needed. 

Since smart mattresses and devices are expensive, we showcase options for different budgets so everyone can sleep cool!

For example, you can use the Pod Pro cover, BedJet, and the chiliSLEEP system with your existing mattress and still get a nice comfortable optimal temperature for your sleep.

1: Pod Pro VS chiliSLEEP VS BedJet – pricing & warranty

Let’s start with the most important thing for most of us. Price.

The Pod Pro is by far the most expensive pick here running in the thousands.

  • Starting from $2,595, this system is only for those willing to invest in a true smart mattress. Unlike the others, one unit covers both sides of the bed
    • New to the scene is The Pod Pro Cover, which you can use on your current mattress and starts at $1600
  • One per bed–does not need multiple units per person
  • Try the Pod at home for a 100-night trial
  • Covered by a 10-year limited warranty

Next is the BedJet starting at $499/single person.

  • There’s also a larger dual version for couples starting at $1,129
  • Works with your own mattress
  • 60-Day love it or leave it trial period
  • 2-year limited warranty with optional 4-year extended warranty for an additional fee
  • Offers frequent discounts and promotions as well as lower-priced refurbished units for sale
BedJet 3 Climate Comfort for Beds, Cooling Fan + Heating Air (Single Temp. Zone Any Size Bed or Mattress)
  • Sleep better with on-demand cooling, warming and sweat drying comfort right in your bed, works on...
  • Powered ventilation cooling rapidly wicks body heat and moisture out of the bed for awesome cooling...

Lastly, the chiliSLEEP systems start at $499 for a single person and run up to $1,499 for the couple’s system.

  • 2 systems available–the Ooler smart system with an app and the legacy ChiliPAD system (not smart, no app)
  • Works with your own mattress
  • 90-day trial offered
  • 2-year limited warranty
Sleepme OOLER Sleep System – Cooling & Heating Mattress Topper, Automated Temperature Changes: 55-115°F, (Half King (80" L x 38" W) Off-White
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  • FITS ANY BED: Our mattress topper conforms to any size mattress from a queen to a cal king, even...

Now, let’s take a look at what each option has to offer before you decide to invest in a smart cooling (and heating) mattress system for your bedroom.

2: In the box

After buying one of these smart heating/cooling products, here is what you can expect to find in the box: 

  1. Pod Pro: Mattress with multiple layers (model dependent), the mattress Pod, and a free iOS and Android app
  2. BedJet: BedJet, air hose extension, remote control, and if purchased, a “cloud” sheet that’s optimized for the heater/cooler
  3. chiliSLEEP systems: Both the Ooler and the chiliPAD use a special mattress pad, a controller unit, and include a remote control (ChiliPAD) or an app (Ooler)
Chilipad Cube Bed Cooling System - Cooling & Heating Mattress Topper, Dual Zone Individual Bed Temperature, Cool Sleep Enhancement, Temp Range of 60-115°F, WE Queen Bedsize (60"W x 80"L), Model: CP514
  • WIDEST TEMPERATURE RANGE: Our water-based system will cool or warm your bed to your ideal sleep...
  • FITS ANY BED: Our mattress topper conforms to any size mattress from a queen to a cal king, even...

Basically, the Pod Pro gives you a completely new mattress package, while the chiliSLEEP’s systems come with their own mattress pad.

The BedJet recommends its branded “Cloud” sheet but can be used with your own sheets.

BedJet Cloud Sheet - Dual Zone Queen (Cooling, Heating & Climate Control just for Your Bed)
  • THIS ITEM IS A CLOUD SHEET ONLY. BedJet base unit sold separately. This model is a DUAL ZONE Queen...
  • Start sleeping better with the world's first powered cooling AND warming sheet. The Cloud Sheet is...

So, if you already have a good mattress and sheets, we recommend either the BetJet, the Pod Pro Cover, or one of the chiliSLEEP’s systems.

While the Pod Pro is the most inclusive model with the longest warranty, it’s also the most expensive one.

That’s why we only recommend the Pod Pro if you already intend to purchase a new mattress or the Pod Pro over if you want to cover the entire bed with a single unit.

3: Heating and cooling methods

All of our 3 picks provide both heating and cooling properties. But they all do it with different methods. 

The Pod Pro (water-based) Eight sleep Pod Pro

As mentioned, the Pod Pro delivers the whole package and heats and cools the mattress with water using its grid layer and the Pod’s Hydro Hub.

You do need to refill the Hydro Hub with water every 2-3 months. 

The BedJet (air-based) BedJet 3 air hose

Plus, it’s also a bit more flexible since you can insert the hose pretty much under any blanket or sheet. 

However, most users say that the BedJet works best with its own “Cloud” branded sheet (not included with the BedJet, an additional purchase.)

At this time, there is no app support for the latest model so you must make all temperature adjustments using the remote.

Some users found that air-systems are less effective at cooling than water-based solutions.

chiliSLEEP (water-based) Pod Pro VS chiliPAD VS BedJet

Last but not least, chiliSLEEP’s options are a compromise between the Pod Pro (use water) and BedJet (use any mattress.)

Both the Ooler and ChiliPAD are hydro-powered and come with the Chili Cool Mesh mattress pad.

Since ChiliSLEEP’s systems rely on water, you need to add water into the system’s reservoir regularly for it to work.

Can a cooling mattress replace running my air conditioner?

None of the manufacturers claim that their products eliminate the need for air conditioning during hot temperature days and nights.

Both BedJet and the chiliSLEEP specifically recommend you use traditional air conditioning to bring your room to a comfortable temperature before sleeping.

Where these cooling mattresses make a difference is keeping your body cool (or warm) and comfortable throughout the night while under the sheets.

source: chiliSLEEP

So you may not need to adjust your A/C temperature during the night. And you may even discover that you do not need to keep your room as cool as you did before.

Some users adjusted their home thermostat by 2 to 4°F at night when using these products without sacrificing comfort.

4: Pod Pro VS chiliSLEEP VS BedJet – features

When it comes to smart products, features are often the thing that separates a winner from a loser.

So, it’s worth noting that the chiliPAD is actually not a smart device. You can only control it with its included remote. 

And while the BedJet 3 is a smart device, it does not offer an app version of the remote and instead will support SmartHome devices and assistants via firmware update launching later in 2021.

The Pod Pro, ChiliSLEEP Ooler, and older model BedJets have their own app for remote control and reviewing your sleep data. 

Now, let’s dive a little bit deeper into each model.

Eight Sleep: Pod Pro

The Pod Pro and the Pro Pod Cover are the most feature-rich pick out of the 3 brands. But they are also the most expensive. 

Eight sleep pod pro app

  • Operating temperature range: 55-110°F
  • Operating noise level: Quiet
  • App: Install the app on your iOS or Android device to get access to all of the Pod Pro’s features, see your sleep data, and control it remotely
  • Automated cooling & heating: The mattress has sensors to track the bed’s temperature and respond with changes based on your biofeedback
  • Dual-Zone: Useful when sharing your bed. You can set a different temperature for each side of the bed
  • Sleep tracking: Use the app to see how much time you slept and how much of it was deep sleep or REM
  • HRV: Health-related reports like heart-rate tracking and respiration that you can see through the app
  • GentleRise: A smart alarm that uses vibrations to wake up only you or your partner 
  • Smart schedule: The Pod Pro uses sensors to adjust the temperature as you wake up or go to bed
  • Smart home compatible: Connect the mattress to a home assistant such as Alexa or Google Home to control it with your voice


The chiliPAD doesn’t have any smart functions and not a whole lot of features to offer either. But it’s decently priced and comes with its branded heating and cooling mattress pad.

The Ooler is chiliSLEEP’s smart sleeping device and is app-supported. 

Pod Pro VS chiliPAD VS BedJet 3

  • Operating temperature range: 55-115°F 
  • Operating noise level: Moderate (the Ooler is the quieter of the two chiliSLEEP models)
  • chiliSLEEP device: The control unit that acts as a water pump. You must refill its water tank regularly for the best results
  • Special mattress pad: chiliPAD’s leakproof pad works with the hydro system to cool or warm your bed. And it fits every standard-sized mattress
  • Remote or app: Gives you quick control over temperature and power 
  • Personalized temperature control: The chiliPAD automatically adjusts the temperature to your preferences
  • Size: unit fits under a bed with at least 6 inches of clearance (Ooler) or 7.5 inches of clearance (chiliPAD)
  • Auto-cleaning: The Ooler also includes a UV light to auto-clean its control unit and water reservoir 

BedJet 3

BedJet 3 is cheaper than chiliPAD, but it still offers a few smart features and works with your existing mattress and bedsheets since it uses air instead of liquids. 

Pro Pro VS Chillipad VS Bedjet

  • Operating temperature range: 66-104°F
  • Operating noise level: Moderate
  • Remote: Control the temperature by degree, adjust its airflow, change auto-shutoff duration, and program biorhythm sleep temperatures
  • BedJet’s biorhythm feature: pre-program your own cooling and warming settings for every hour of the night
  • Temperature sensors: Automatically keep the temperature where you want it for maximum comfort. The BedJet also turns off when the desired temperature is reached for power savings
  • Presets: Presets that you can use for drying the mattress, heating, cooling, or anything else with the press of a button
  • Size: unit fits under a bed with at least 6 inches of clearance

Pod Pro VS chiliSLEEP VS BedJet – Wrapping Up 

That’s about all there is to know about this comparison. To put it in a nutshell: 

  • Pod ProBy far, the best and most expensive. One purchased covers your entire bed. It comes as a whole set with a mattress and a device plus offers tons of smart features and smartphone apps & compatibility. There’s also a Pod Pro Cover for those who love their current mattress
  • chiliPad & OolerCheaper than the Pod Pro and works with most existing mattresses. You need 2 units to cover the entire bed. Like the Pod Pro, chiliSLEEP offers water-based cooling and heating using its branded Chili Cool Mesh mattress pad. The chiliPAD is a good budget pick if you don’t like apps and smart products
  • BedJet 3The budget pick. You need 2 units to cover the entire bed. Works with every bed since it’s air-based, and it also offers a few smart features with a sophisticated remote

Our recommendations

  • For a single person on a budget: the Ooler or chilPAD
  • For a couple on a budget: the chiliPAD
  • For folks who sweat a lot of night: the BedJet
  • For a couple with an existing mattress: the Pod Pro Cover
  • For people who want the quietest system: the Pod Pro 
  • For folks who like it very cool or like the warmest: the Ooler
  • Best app: the Pod Pro
  • Most comfortable cooling (and heating) system: the Pod Pro
  • Easiest to set up: the BedJet
  • Fits most sized mattresses: the BedJet (though you need 2 to cover the full bed)
  • Buying a new mattress anyway? The Pod Pro!


That’s about it for now. 

If you’re planning on changing mattresses within the coming years, we recommend getting the chiliSLEEP systems or BedJet–you can move these to not only a new mattress but even a different sized mattress.

Let us know which one you prefer in the comments section down below.

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