RaceFIT readies its wearable athletic Sensors for the US market

RaceFit Labs

RaceFit is a technology company based out of HongKong that specializes in motion detection and uses proprietary algorithm and AI technologies to improve users’ physical and mental wellness. Its coverage includes Elderly Monitoring, Rehabilitation, Sports Training, and STEM Education. The company specializes in products that are designed primarily to understand human motion.


Most wearables and fitness trackers today have limited ability to understand the details around your body motion. For example, when you are performing those lunge reps or squats, how do you know whether you are performing the exercises in the correct posture?RaceFit labs ai based motion feedback

RaceFit lab sensors can change that and bring forth the necessary intelligence and provide feedback around your posture or your motion.wearable athletic motion sensor

RaceFit CORE is an all-in-one, waterproof, motion detection module. Using 3 sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, and e-compass), RaceFit CORE can capture your movement at up to 48,000 readings per minute and provide insights.

The RaceFIT CORE is a small sensor type product without a display that can be worn as a band or can be strategically placed at different points of the body to detect and analyze body motion.

raceFit labs motion sensor
Image Source : FCC approval of RaceFit Core 09/14/2020

RaceFit also offers a variety of services for elderly including fall detection, fall prevention, location tracking, physiotherapy and motion games via its product RaceFit Clip. 

The company is gearing up to its release its wearable sensor RaceFit CORE product in US following its approval by the FCC today. 

It will be interesting to see how the company launches its product in the US market. Given that it is relatively unknown in the emerging US wearables market, it may partner up with some of the larger wearables and tech players in US in positioning its wearable sensor product.

The company has worked with Microsoft and its Azure cloud platform before. Here’s how it works.

An athlete wears a RaceFit suit, which is equipped with lightweight nine-axis sensors. Each sensor weighs about 15 grams and has a wireless charging battery inside.

These are connected via a patented Bluetooth network. The sensors feed data to a RaceFit app on a mobile device. The data is then analyzed by the company’s Fitness Ability Measurement System (FAMS) in the cloud. 

Using AI in the Microsoft Azure environment, the FAMS algorithm delivers a wealth of information on the person’s strength, stamina, flexibility, coordination, and balance.

The company has in the past worked with Athletes and coaches in order to demonstrate the usefulness of its motion-sensing and capture capabilities.

Will it find newer pastures in the US mainstream athletics or home-based fitness enthusiasts? 

It remains to be seen but the RaceFit lab’s new product does seem to hold some promising features that can change the way we interact with streaming exercise and fitness providers.

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