Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 software update is still a big headache for Users, even after a month

Samsung Galaxy Watch force reboot with power and back buttons

Samsung’s recent software update for Galaxy Watch 4 users is a big headache for users.  Many users are finding that this latest software update ends up bricking their Galaxy Watch 4.

The update was launched in early Nov, but users are still experiencing problems with their Galaxy Watch 4 trying to update.

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Samsung Watch software update issues plague users

Apparently, the glitch currently wreaking havoc on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is associated with the software update called “GVI3” (R8xxXXU1GVI3).

Users are finding that if the GVI3 update is already installed on your watch, it is highly possible that it bricks your watch when you reboot the device manually or use auto for the update. Once the watch is powered off, it will not reboot.Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 bricking after update

The other software patch/update called the “GVK6”, on the other hand, is not creating these problems. Users can update and reboot successfully.

The company had announced that they pulled the GVI3 update way back in the middle of November. However, numerous users are still reporting experiencing this issue.

Numerous users are still reporting on Reddit about this annoyance. If you’ve experienced this problem on your Galaxy Watch 4 or Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, we recommend contacting Samsung’s customer support. They will be able to replace/ repair your device.

If you have the Galaxy Watch 4 and haven’t updated the firmware to version GVI3, your best course is to stay away from updating your watch until the dust settles around this issue.

In the US, Samsung support is currently pushing users to update to Galaxy Watch 5 when they call the help desk with this issue. If you have the warranty, you should be able to get your watch replaced.

Samsung support is also helping users who are out of warranty and shipping them an overnight label to ship the watch to the repair center. In some cases, they also offer an extended warranty to users affected by this issue.

If you are affected by this issue on your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, you can get in touch with the Samsung specialized service team handling this issue, according to a Reddit user who had to deal with this issue.

Some users who contacted Samsung this week found that the company is doing a one-time free repair of watches affected by this issue. You may want to reach out directly to Samsung Support and open a support ticket using their site. They can be reached directly via 1-855-726-8721. 

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