Unable to update Samsung Galaxy Watch? Check these tips

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Updating the software on the Samsung Galaxy Watch is usually an easy and trouble-free process. However, there are times when users run into issues trying to update their watch.

In this short article, we will look at several tips and tricks that can help you update your galaxy watch without any hiccups.

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During one of the recent updates, the process got stuck with a message “copying update.”Galaxy Watch stuck on Copying update how to fix

It simply wouldn’t complete the copying process of the install files.

Sometimes when trying to update the Wear OS 3 Galaxy Watch 4 or 5, it shows “copying to phone,” but then it would get stuck there and not move beyond it.

Is your Galaxy Watch stuck on copying updates? Here’s how to fix

Here is one of the solutions that has worked for me when trying to update the Galaxy Watch. I have seen the same issue with the Apple Watch as well.

  1. Make sure your Samsung Galaxy watch is connected to your wifi
  2. Swipe down on your Galaxy Watch home screen and tap on ‘Settings’ icon
  3. Next tap on Connections
  4. Here you can make sure that your wifi is on 
  5. Next on your mobile phone, turn off the Bluetooth connection
  6. With the bluetooth connection off and the watch connected directly to wifi, try updating the watch

This should help you with stuck updates on the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Turn off Bluetooth on your phone and watch, enable wifi on your watch and search for the update using the watch.

It will download the update directly on your watch, bypassing your phone / the “copying update” problem.

If you decide to use your phone to assist with the updating, try keeping phone screen turned on all the time until the “copying” process is completed. Sometimes this can take up to 30 minutes.

Couldn’t download update error message

There are times when you are trying to update your Samsung Galaxy watch and you are stuck with an error message of sorts saying, “Couldn’t download update. Server reached daily download limit’.Samsung Galaxy Watch Not Updating How to Fix

Not a very helpful error message!

Chances are that when you see this message, the problem is on your carrier’s end as opposed to the Samsung servers.

We saw this happen with T-Mobile users. We saw this when trying to update the watch to UI 4.5. Your best bet would be to reach out to your carrier or wait a few days and then try the update process.

Your best bet when trying to achieve a successful update on the Galaxy Watch is to ensure that both the phone and the watch have an adequate battery charge.

Some users say that if you keep both your watch and phone on the charger (regardless of their battery percentage), your update process is relatively less painful.

How to check for updates and install them on Galaxy Watch

If you are a new Samsung Galaxy Watch user, here are the steps that will help you check if an update is available for your Galaxy watch and how you can install the latest update.

  • Swipe up from the bottom of the watch screen to open the apps menu.
  • Tap on Settings icon

    Check for update on Samsung Galaxy Watch
    Tap on Settings COG
  • Scroll down the settings and tap ‘Software Update’.check for latest update for Samsung Galaxy Watch
  • If there is an update available, there will be an option to download it, or else it will show that your watch is up to date.Samsung Galaxy Watch update problems
  • Tap ‘download’, and the update will start downloading. It may take a while, depending on how big the update is.
  • Your watch will turn itself off and on, and you may have to tap download again. 

Final thoughts

Please check out the updates if you have the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 or the Watch 5 pro version. It appears that the new Samsung Galaxy watch 5 is getting regular software updates. 

If you have the LTE model of the Galaxy Watch, please keep an eye out for regular updates. Apparently, the new software updates are targeting some facets of LTE optimization. The new update is also helping with GPS accuracy-related issues.

Finally, we are hoping that you have downloaded the latest OneUI 4.5 into your eligible Galaxy Watch. Some users have reported connection issues following the 4.5 updates.

If you run into connection issues on your watch following the OneUI 4.5 update, try turning off the Bluetooth on the watch for a minute and then turn it back on. this should help solve the connection issue otherwise, you may have to reset the watch in order to get the connection issue sorted out.

We hope this short article highlights some of the key tips and tricks when successfully updating your Samsung Galaxy Watch with minimal problems.

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