Need to restart (reboot) or reset your Fitbit? Learn the steps

Restart Fitbit watch

Usually, our Fitbit devices work without any problems, but occasionally they start acting in unusual ways, from not regularly syncing to not responding.

Frequently reported issues with Fitbits include things like:

  • Not turning on after fully charging.
  • Fitbit app stuck in looking for the device.
  • Bluetooth connection not working between Fitbit and phone.
  • Slow or sluggish performance.
  • Won’t respond to button presses, taps, or swipes on-screen.
  • Not tracking activity, like steps and other fitness data.
  • Won’t sync or can’t completely sync.

If your Fitbit shows these signs and symptoms, one of the best (and simple) fixes for your Fitbit device is a restart and/or a reset!

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Restart or reset your Fitbit? What’s the difference?

Although some use these terms interchangeably, there is a significant difference:

  • Restarting (also called rebooting or a soft reset) your Fitbit turns it off and on without deleting any activity data.
  • Resetting (also called factory reset or a hard reset) your Fitbit wipes all the data from your device and turns it off and back on. It’s like starting with a new Fitbit, fresh from the factory.

While it’s usually easy to restart your Fitbit, resetting involves more steps.

If you have a Google Pixel Watch, see this article instead: How to force restart (reboot) a Google Pixel Watch to fix issues.

How to restart your Fitbit by model 

Restarting a Fitbit device often means paying particular attention to the charging pins and sensors. Never insert anything into these holes outside of the directions. Inserting items like paper clips, tools, and such will likely damage your Fitbit permanently.

Restart a Fitbit Sense series, Versa series, Ionic, or Blaze restart your Fitbit Versa 2

  1. For the Fitbit Sense series, Versa 2 and above, hold the side button for at least 10 seconds until you see the Fitbit logo on the screen, and then release the button.
  2. For older models like the original Versa, Blaze, or Ionic, press and hold the back and bottom buttons until you see the Fitbit logo on the screen. Then release the buttons. Fitbit Versa, Ionic, and Blaze restart process
  3. Alternatively, go to Settings > Shutdown or Settings > About > Shutdown. Then press the side button again to turn it back on. Shutdown a Fitbit using Settings app

Restart a Fitbit Luxe and Inspire 2/3

  • If your Fitbit responds to your taps, open Settings > Restart Device > Restart or Settings > Reboot Device.
  • If your Fitbit doesn’t respond to taps, try the following:
    • For the Luxe, connect it to its charging cable, then press the button on the charging cable three times, pausing for 1 second between pressesreset Fitbit Luxe using the charging cable
    • For the Inspire 2 or 3, connect it to the charger so it’s charging, and then press and hold the side buttons for at least 10 seconds.
    • Wait 10 seconds until the Fitbit logo appears on its screen. Fitbit Luxe restart or reset with Fitbit logo on screen

Restart a Fitbit Inspire, Inspire HR, or Ace 2/3

  1. Plug the charging cable into the USB port on your computer or any UL-certified USB wall charger.
  2. Attach the Inspire or Ace 2/3 to the charging cable. Verify the pins on the charging cable connect securely to your Fitbit.
  3. Press and hold the button for 5 seconds. Inspire side button press and hold
  4. Keep pressing until you see a smiley icon and the Inspire or Ace vibrates.
  5. Disconnect the Fitbit from power and test performance.

You can now reboot your Fitbit Inspire via the Settings app on your device itself. Use Settings app to reboot Fitbit Inspire

  • Go to Settings and scroll down to Reboot device. 
  • Then, follow the on-screen instruction to press the screen for 3 seconds.

Restart a Fitbit Charge 3, 4, or 5

  1. On your Fitbit Charge, open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll and tap About. On Fitbit’s Charge 5, tap Restart Device > Restart.
  3. Choose Reboot Device or Restart.
  4. When restarted, test your device.

Restart a Fitbit Charge (all other models)

  1. Plug the charging cable into the USB port on your computer or any UL-certified USB wall charger.
  2. Connect the charging cable to the tracker. Verify that the pins are locked when your Charge vibrates and a battery icon appears on-screen.
  3. Press and hold the side button to restart.
    1. Charge 2—press and hold the button for 4 seconds until you see the Fitbit logo and the device vibrates. Release the button.side button on Fitbit charge 2
    2. Charge 3 & Charge 4—press and hold the button on your tracker for 8 seconds until you see a smiley icon and the device vibrates. Then, release the button.
    3. Charge 5–press the button on the charger’s end three times, pausing for 1 second between presses. Wait until the Fitbit logo appears on your Charge 5’s screen (usually about 10 seconds.)
  4. Disconnect the Charge from power and test performance.

Restart a Fitbit Ace or Fitbit Alta

  1. Plug your charging cable into a USB port on your computer or any UL-certified USB wall charger.
  2. Clip the charging cable to the port on the back of the tracker. Ensure the charging cable is locked securely to the dock by verifying the battery icon displays on-screen.
  3. Press the button on your charging cable three times, pausing between each press.use the charging cable button to restart fitbit alta or fitbit ace
  4. Wait until you see the Fitbit logo and the tracker vibrates.
  5. Disconnect the Ace or Alta from its charging cable and test performance.

How to reset your Fitbit by model Fitbit reset using Settings app

We don’t recommend resetting your Fitbit unless the restart didn’t work OR you intend to give away or sell your Fitbit to someone else.

That’s because resetting your Fitbit also resets all your data–it’s like starting with a fresh & new Fitbit.

In cases where your Fitbit continues to perform poorly, refuses to sync data, or continues not to be recognized by your phone, computer, etc., even after a restart, we recommend you reset your Fitbit. 

When you reset a Fitbit, it removes your data and returns it back to its factory defaults, so you must set up your Fitbit again and re-pair it with the Fitbit app and your phone. It’s like starting over with a fresh, new device.

When you perform a factory reset, the reset clears all device data, including any data that has not synced to your Fitbit app and account. This includes things like your personalized settings, alarms, goals, clock faces, and notifications.

Once reset, you must pair your Fitbit again to the Fitbit app on your phone. 

Resetting your Fitbit DOES NOT remove your Fitbit account!

Reset a Fitbit Sense series, Versa series, Ionic, or Charge 3/4

  1. Go to the Settings app (gear icon.)
  2. Choose About or Device Info.
  3. Select Factory Reset or Clear User Data. Fitbit Sense or Versa 3 factory reset
  4. Confirm with Yes. For the Charge series, swipe up and tap the checkmark, then release.
  5. When you see the Fitbit logo on its screen and the device vibrates, your Fitbit reset back to its factory defaults.

Factory reset using the buttons only

If you cannot access the on-screen menus, try resetting using just your Fitbit button(s).

We recommend only following these steps when you cannot access the Settings app on your Fitbit’s screen.

For the Fitbit Sense series and Versa series (one-button models)

  1. Press and hold the side button until the screen turns off.
  2. After the screen turns off, you should feel a short vibration.
  3. As soon as you feel the vibration, release the side button and immediately press and hold that button again. Fitbit Sense or Versa Series side button
  4. Keep pressing until the Fitbit logo appears and disappears, and then once again, immediately release the button and press and hold it until you feel another vibration.
  5. After you feel that vibration, release the side button, this final vibration indicates you started the factory reset for your Fitbit.

If you run older software on your one-button Versa Series, try these steps

  1. Hold the back button for about 8 seconds. 
  2. Wait for the Fitbit logo to appear, then disappear. Release the button briefly for less than 2 seconds. 
  3. Hold the button again until you feel a second and longer vibration, then release it. This longer vibration indicates the factory reset started.

For Fitbit Versa (original) and Ionic (multiple button models)

  1. Hold all buttons down for around 10 seconds until the Fitbit logo appears, then disappears.
  2. Release the bottom right button only while still pressing and holding the remaining two buttons–wait until you feel a strong vibration, then release all the buttons.

Your Fitbit should show the setup screen if you followed the process correctly. Now, open the Fitbit app to set up your Fitbit again.

If you don’t release the button(s) at the right time or didn’t follow the exact order of the steps, the Fitbit simply restarts. Try repeating the reset steps.

Reset a Fitbit Luxe, Inspire 3, and Charge 5

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Choose Device Info and tap Clear User Data.
  3. Swipe up on the screen, then when asked, press and hold the screen for 3 seconds. 
  4. After 3 seconds, release and wait for the Fitbit Logo to appear on your screen. Fitbit Luxe restart or reset with Fitbit logo on screen
  5. When your Charge 5 or Luxe vibrates, your device reset and erased all its current data.
    1. If the device doesn’t vibrate, repeat these steps.

Reset a Fitbit Inspire/HR/2 or Ace 2/3

  1. For Ace 2 and Ace 3 only, connect your device to the charging cable.
  2. Go to the Settings app.settings menu on Fitbit Inspire
  3. Choose Clear User Data. 
  4. When asked, press the screen for 3 seconds and then release it immediately.

Reset a Charge or Charge 2

  1. Connect your Fitbit Charge to its charger and a USB power source.
  2. Press and hold the side button for 2 seconds, then remove the charging cable from the USB power source while keeping the Charge’s side button pressed for another 9 seconds.
  3. Release the side button, pause for a second, then press and hold it again.
  4. Wait for the screen to flash ALT, release the button, pause for another second, and press and hold the side button again after the Charge vibrates.
  5. Please wait for the screen to say Error, then release the button, pause for another second, and press and hold it again.
  6. Wait for the screen to show Erase, then release the button.Erase factory reset on Fitbit charge
  7. Reattach the cable to its USB power source–look for your Charge to read 0:00 as the current time. If not, follow the steps again.

Reset a Fitbit Blaze or Alta

  1. Use the Fitbit app or a browser and visit your Fitbit account user dashboard.
  2. In the app, tap your account icon or the menu button in the top corner. In your user dashboard, tap the Settings icon (gear) and choose Settings.
  3. Choose your Fitbit Blaze or Alta from the list of Devices.
  4. Tap Remove This Blaze or Alta.Fitbit account remove this blaze from account
    1. If you don’t see this option, swipe up.
  5. Once removed from your account, choose to unpair or forget this device in your phone’s Bluetooth settings.
  6. For the Blaze, press and hold both the left side’s back and bottom right buttons until you see the Fitbit logo on-screen.
  7. For the Alta, follow the restart instructions listed above.

What to do if your reset Fitbit won’t pair to your phone and the Fitbit app Bluetooth settings forget Fitbit

Sometimes, after resetting your Fitbit remains in your phone’s Bluetooth settings and prevents it from re-pairing to the Fitbit app. 

In that case, open your phone’s Bluetooth settings and choose to forget your Fitbit. Then, open the Fitbit app and re-pair it.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, you learned how to restart or factory reset your Fitbit and that doing so fixed any problems it was having.

If your Fitbit isn’t working as you expect or you can’t get it to restart or reset, let us know in the comments.

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  1. My sense would not sync to my iPhone Fitbit sleep app. It would not refresh.Tried every suggestion and still wouldn’t refresh on the Fitbit app. By mistake I clicked on factory reset- wiped out all data- now can’t open my sense. 1- how do I open my sense
    2- how do I restore the erased data that the watch came with.

  2. I have an Inspire 2 Fitbit.

    After it was charged my calories burned per day dropped drastically.

    One day walked 12,000 steps and said activity for daily calories burned was 545, also played pickleball.

    I’ve tried rebooting with no luck, read manual said to reboot.

    • Hi Judy,

      Sorry to hear that your calorie count is suddenly incorrect.

      One thing that can cause this is if you deleted or changed any of your profile information in the Fitbit app. To review that information, open the Fitbit app and tap your account picture or icon at the top. Then tap your Fitbit ID and choose Personal. verify that all information is correct, including your birthdate, height, weight, gender, and so forth.

      Another thing that can impact your calorie count is your daily activity and calorie goals. Fitbit recommends setting up these goals and updating them periodically. To review, open the Fitbit app and tap your account icon/pictue. Scroll down to the Settings section and tap Activity & Wellness. Choose Daily Activity. Review these goals and make any updates. Make sure you set up a goal for each item.

      Finally, I suggest you use the Exercise app on your Inspire 2 when you walk and play pickleball rather than letting the device automatically pick it up. If pickelball isn’t an option on the Inspire 2, choose just Workout.

  3. I have quite a big problem on my hand regarding my Versa 2, I’ve had it for about two years, and since I switched phones, I was getting ready to connect my Fit to my S9, and at the time, I hadn’t remembered about the fact that you can simply “forget this device” on the Fitbit app.

    Now then, I mistakenly Factory reset my Versa 2, and since this day forth, it doesn’t want to turn on, even while having it plugged into the wall, as well as just holding the button for a long time. It really doesn’t want to give signs of life.

    What else should be my troubleshooting options going along with this issue?

    • Hi Roberta.

      Sorry to hear that your Charge 2 isn’t showing your sleep data. Please look at these tips: Fitbit not tracking sleep or is not accurate? Let’s fix it

      For some quick tips, try the following:

      1. Thoroughly clean your Charge 2, paying special attention to the sensors on the backside.

      2. Wear your Charge further up your arm, away from where your wrist bends. I also find that wearing the Fitbit on the inside of your arm helps the sensors get more accurate and consistent readings (at least for me.)

      3. Try restarting your Charge a few times in a row. To do this, follow these instructions:

      Plug the charging cable into the USB port on your computer or a UL-certified USB wall charger. 

      Clip the other end of the charging cable to the port on the back of the tracker. Make sure the pins on the 
charging cable lock securely to the port. 

      Verify that the button on your Charge 2 is aligned with the button opening on the charging cable. You’ll know the connection is secure when the tracker vibrates, and you see a battery icon on your tracker’s display. Your Charge 2 starts charging. 

      Press and hold the button on your Fitbit for four seconds. When you see the Fitbit logo and the tracker vibrates, the tracker restarted.

      4. Check your Heart Rate setting on your online Fitbit dashboard and make sure it’s set to Auto or On.

      I hope you get it to work!


  4. I have an old Alta hr. A week ago, it gave me strange things like no sleep stats, thousands of calories and exercise in the middle of the night. Steps seem fine. I have restarted it numerous times. I do not have a buttom on the charger but it charges just fine. Is it a goner? Shall I try and reset it? Thank you. Christine

    • Hi Christine,

      Don’t reset just yet! Are you sure there is no button on the charging cable? It would be on the USB port side of that cable.

      If you do find that button, clip your Alta HR into it, then plug it into a USB port so it starts charging. Once charging, press the button on your charging cable 3 times within 8 seconds, pausing briefly between each press. Look for the Fitbit logo to appear and for your Alta to vibrate–if so, it’s restarting.

      If there is no button on the charging cable, we suggest you contact Fitbit Support before resetting. That’s because with these older devices, a restart is preferred over a reset since a reset removes the connection to the Fitbit app.

      Keep us posted and best of luck,


  5. My Versa 2 is frozen on screen saying reset failed please try again, red “okay” button not working, please help!

  6. My Fitbit versa 2 has for the past two days just presented me with a black screen.

    I have fully charged it and when I connect the logo displays for about a minute and then goes black, and have tried all resets.

    I removed my connection to the app this morning and as I worked to reset it, it connected and displayed the correct time but at the end of the process, it has gone back to black. Any suggestions?

  7. I have a Fitbit inspire HR. It is not keeping time. I tried following the instructions I found on the web site but is not working. Can you suggest something else I can do?

    • Here are the settings that Sandra and I changed:

        Before you start a workout, tap open the Exercise app on your Fitbit by swiping left or right.
        Then from the workout options, choose your Workout type.
        Tap the Play icon and start exercising.
        When you finish that workout swipe up and tap the Pause > Finish. Swipe up and tap Done.
        Once you finish, open the Fitbit app and wait for your Fitbit to sync with the app.

      Another thing Sandra did was change the length of auto-recognized exercise settings. To do that,

        Open the Fitbit app and tap your account icon at the top left corner.
        Scroll down to the Settings section and tap Activity & Wellness.
        Choose Exercise and tap a Workout type under auto recognize exercises.
        Change that workout Longer Than setting to 10 minutes or the lowest number of minutes available.
        Repeat for any other workout types.

      Hope that helps!

  8. I got a Fitbit Luxe for Christmas, it was working fine until Jan 15.

    On that day it stopped tracking my exercise history on the Day 1 of 5 areas, in the Fitbit app. It also stopped working on

    Dashboard in the Log area, in Activity History, the last record was Jan 14th.

    I should point out that the app does show my Steps, calories burned & miles for all days excersised.

    It just isn’t showing in the area I stated. I hope you can suggest a fix. Fitbit staff have had me trying these steps, restart the watch, remove the watch from the app, delete the Fitbit app, make sure the iPad is up to date, etc, nothing has worked.

    I wish I could send a screenshot of what I’m talking about, I would really appreciate it if you had a suggestion.

    • Hi Sandra,

      Oh, that’s terrible. You’ve tried many of the troubleshooting steps. When exercising, are you using the Exercise app or are you letting the Fitbit auto recognize your workouts?

      If you aren’t using the Exercise app, try using that instead of allowing it to auto-recognize. See if that works.

  9. in the Fitbit app on my iPhone, i am being prompted to change my password – I enter the old pw then new again to confirm, and when I press RETURN the keyboard doesn’t go away so I can’t press the SUBMIT button which is hidden behind the keyboard! HELP?

    • HI Sally,

      Try tapping and then sliding down on an area of the screen just above the keyboard to hide it.

      If that doesn’t work, open Safari and log into the Fitbit account website and change your password there via your dashboard. Tap the gear icon at the top and then choose Settings. Tap Reset Password under your email address in the form.

  10. Hi there, I just got a Fitbit Sense a week or so ago. I was really excited because I want to start working on my health and the health metrics on the Sense are wonderful.

    But, I am confused about the battery life.

    I know it should last 4-6 days and some options can drain it quicker. I’d like to know how much should my battery drain daily.

    When I set it up, of course, I turned everything on and added a cute Winter clock face. The first few nights I noticed the drain was extreme. It dawned on me that snore detection was on and I think it was auto-syncing, but I do not know how to auto-sync.

    I don’t know if I even set auto-sync up. I did turn off the snore detection and was happy the battery drained less.

    I have to manually turn on the watch to see the time and steps. So, I think I tried everything. I even keep the app closed to prevent any connection from draining the battery.

    I deleted and re-installed the app, but that did not seem to do anything.

    Can you please help? I have only had the watch for 10 days, I think. I didn’t know if I should restart or reset.

    Resetting scares me because I am finally getting my readiness score. I don’t want to start from the beginning. Any ideas would be most helpful.

    • Hi Kim,

      Your Fitbit Sense regularly syncs in the background automatically with the Fitbit app via Bluetooth–this shouldn’t cause much battery drain.

      Are you using an Always-On clockface? Go to your Fitbit Sense’s quick settings by swiping on the clock face to the right and if the icon that looks like a clock is highlighted, tap it once to turn it off.

      Also, if you use the spO2 clock face or track SpO2 on your clockface, that tends to drain the battery quickly. We also recommend using a clock face that is designed by Fitbit–you’ll see these options listed as By Fitbit in the Fitbit app > your Fitbit Sense > Gallery > Clocks > By Fitbit.

      If you don’t track your SpO2 at all, we recommend uninstalling that app to help with battery draining. Go to Fitbit app > your Fitbit Sense > Gallery > My Apps > SpO2 Tracker and uninstall it. While there, uninstall any other apps you don’t use–not all apps can be uninstalled but many can.

      After uninstalling apps, restart (reboot) your Fitbit device.

      A couple more tips:

      1) Turn the brightness down to Dim (or Normal) via the Settings app on your Fitbit.

      2) Turn Screen Wake to manual via the Quick Settings (that means you need to tap the screen or press the side button to wake your Fitbit)

      3) Change the Screen Timeout to 20 seconds or below via the Settings app on your Fitbit.

      4) Change your Fitbit when you shower or brush your teeth to reduce the impact on counting your steps etc.

    • Hi Kathy,

      Sorry to hear about the problems with your Charge 2. Let’s see if we can get your heart rate sensor working again.

      First, restart your Charge 2 by placing it on the charging clip and then press and hold the button on your tracker, letting go when you see the Fitbit logo and the Charge vibrates.

      After restarting, open the Fitbit app and turn on heart rate tracking–set it to Auto or On.

  11. I have a Versa that I was gifted for Christmas. It worked perfectly for a few days then stopped reading my HR.

    No lights are flashing beneath. I did get it a bit damp washing my hands but dried it immediately. A red light came on then nothing since.

    Everything else seems to EKG and steps

  12. my fitbit inspire was synced with another persons phone and now it won’t work just shows a black screen even after charging, how do I go about fixing it so it syncs with my computer and not her phone???

    • Hi Charlotte,

      Since that Fitbit Inspire was linked to someone else’s phone and I assume, their Fitbit account, there are a couple of things that person needs to do:

        Erase the Fitbit device to delete all its personal data. This is done by open the Settings app and tapping Clear User Data.

        Remove the device from their Fitbit account. Open the Fitbit app, tap the Today tab, and then the account picture or icon at the top. Choose the Fitbit Inspire from the list. On Apple devices, then scroll down and tap Remove This Inspire. On Android, tap the trash can.

        Open the phone’s Bluetooth settings and forget the Inspire.

      Once your friend does that, place the Inspire on its charger and wait for it to start charging. Then press and hold the side button until you see a smiley face on the Inspire’s screen.

      If your Inspire is stuck on a black screen, see these tips: Fitbit display screen black and not working or turning on? Let’s fix it!

  13. I have a Charge 2 that has a dark screen, previously working fine. The app on my phone looks like it is fully charged. But when it is plugged into the wall, it looks like it needs to be charged.
    I tried the restart, without success. So I have it plugged into the wall outlet for a short time. Can it be overcharged?

  14. Have a Versa 3 with blank/black screen. I tried everything I knew to do and was going to return it tomorrow – BUT – after reading this thread and discovered a way to reset it I now have a working Versa!!! Thanks RSW

  15. I am so sad. My versa 2 just stopped working today! The screen went black and I couldn’t get it back on. I put it on the charger and let it get to 100%. Took it off and it seemed to be fine accept that I went outside and I could hardly see the numbers., A short time later it went out again! Charged it again and it will not turn on. Black screen and rebooting isn’t working. Is there any hope? I love this watch so much.

  16. My versa 2 has been just fine, I put it on the charger when I got home. Took it off the charger and it will not turn on at all. It has battery life showing on my app, I have pressed and held the button, I’ve tried a new charger, it’s not doing anything… any help would be amazing. I really like it.

    • Hi Bonnie,

      Sorry to hear about your Versa 2. Let’s try this reset method using just the button–this process is dependent on timing, so you may need to repeat it a couple of times to get it right.

      Hold down the side button until the Fitbit logo appears and then disappears. Once it disappears, release the button briefly–make sure this is less than two seconds. Press and hold the button again until you feel another longer vibration, then after the vibration, release the button. This second and longer vibration indicates the Versa 2 started a factory reset.

      Wait for the reset to complete and then go to your app to set up your Versa 2 again to your account.

  17. The HR monitor on my versa 2 suddenly stopped working.

    I have restarted it many times and it will work for a few mins and then freeze on a certain HR or just not show anything. The green light isn’t flashing.

    I am nervous to reset my Fitbit. Thoughts? Thank you.

    • Hi Tiffany,

      Sorry to hear that your Versa 2’s heart rate monitor isn’t working. Since you don’t see the green light flashing, it sounds like heart rate tracking might be off. Open the Settings app on your Fitbit and tap heart rate–turn this to On.

      Check out this article for more tips on troubleshooting times when a Fitbit heart rate isn’t showing up: Fitbit heart rate not working or inaccurate? Let’s fix it

  18. I have a Versa that that was fully charged and had been synched. Now the screen is black. I followed the instructions for resarting and for resetting, but nothing happens. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Charles,

      Try resetting your Fitbit Charge 3. First, sync your charge to save any data to your account.

      Then, on your Charge 3, go to Settings > About > and tap Clear User Data. Finally, reconnect your Charge 3 to the Fitbit app.

      If the time/date is still incorrect, follow the steps in this article: Fitbit didn’t update the time? Let’s fix it!

  19. I got a Fitbit inspire for XMAS.

    Set it up December 26th everything worked. Took it off shortly after.

    Put it on again on December 27th.

    No heart rate readings whatsoever and no flashing lights underneath.

    I have rebooted/reset/done everything.

    Heart rate notifications setting ON device. Wore it all day 27th. No HR record whatsoever. No light under watch at any stage. Totally dead.

    I think this must be a faulty device. Will be returning it. Too much hassle with a brand new device. It should not be troubleshooting so soon. Disappointing

    • Hi Wendy,

      We are really sorry that your new Christmas gifted Fitbit Inspire isn’t working like it should.

      One thing to check is that your Fitbit is set to on-wrist and not on-clip.

      On-clip disables heart rate tracking automatically since it cannot collect any data.

        On the Inspire, press and hold both of the buttons to access its Quick Settings menu

        Select the On Wrist or On Clip setting

        Enable On Wrist

      Another option you could try is to remove the Fitbit Inspire from your account, then delete the app on your mobile device. Once deleted, restart your mobile device and then reinstall the Fitbit app.

      Finally, add your Fitbit Inspire back to your account.

      Also, make sure both your Fitbit Inspire and Fitbit app are up to date with the latest versions.

  20. I have a versa it has an X with a circle around it with the message data not cleared. sync and try again. i have not clue what to do . Can someone help me

    • Hi Kitty,

      This usually indicates a sync problem.

      Try closing the Fitbit app and then restarting your mobile phone/device that you normally sync your Fitbit with.

      If that doesn’t help, visit your mobile’s Bluetooth settings and choose to forget the Versa from Bluetooth. Then, re-connect to Bluetooth and try to sync your Versa.

      When problems persist, even after these steps, the next option is to press and hold the back button (or for Versa original model, the back and bottom buttons), until you see the Fitbit logo on the screen–once you see the logo, let go of the buttons.

  21. I have a FitBit One which I had to restart. For the first time when turning it is showing the time when it died due to low battery together with the number of steps etc that were on the screen when it went off.
    How do I reset it to the correct time etc?

    • Hi Lorna,

      Charge it to 100% and then sync it with the Fitbit app or Fitbit Connect. That should do the trick.

      If not, use either the Fitbit app or your Fitbit online account dashboard and navigate to the Advanced Settings (also called App Settings) and make changes to your time there.


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