Sensoria’s new Fitness Tracker comes with SpO2 monitoring and much more

Sensoria Smart Band for Blood Pressure

Sensoria Fitness, the company that is popular for its Artificial Intelligence Smart wear products is ready to launch a new version of its Fitness tracker, Sensoria Smart Band.

The new Smart Band received its FCC approval today. Although the tracker is explicitly marked as a non-medical device, it brings many health monitoring features to the table.


Sensoria is the company that became popular with its Smart Socks, way back in 2016 and has slowly introduced new products over the years in the area of smart fabrics. The company’s founder David Vigano, used to lead a $14 billion dollar business at Microsoft before starting up Sensoria.

The company’s latest Sensoria Smart Band allows for the following health monitoring features:

  • Body Temperature monitoring
  • Heart Rate monitoring
  • Sleep Monitoring
  • Blood Oxygen Level monitoring (SpO2)
  • Blood Pressure monitoring (see below)

Blood Pressure Monitoring from Smart Band

Using the built-in app on the tracker, users can get a calculated value for their systolic and diastolic blood pressure values. 

As per the User manual of Sensoria Smart Band, which was filed with the FCC, 

“From the “health” interface, long press the touch panel to enter, then choose the Blood Pressure Mode by tapping the touch panel. Please keep the arm still until the measurement is completed.”Blood Pressure Monitoring Sensoria Smart Band

It appears that the unit uses the heart rate sensors on the back of the fitness tracker to compute the pulse rate variation and then uses that to estimate blood pressure values.

The product description on their site however does not mention the blood pressure measurement feature.

Similar to other fitness trackers, the Sensoria Smart Band supports numerous sporting activities and allows for engaging with notifications from your mobile device. The battery life lasts for 5 – 7 days according to the product description.

The Sensoria Smart Band retails for $69.00 and will start shipping by end of September according to their site.

With so many new and affordable fitness trackers now estimating both SpO2 and Blood Pressure, one needs to be cautious around using the results for monitoring health, especially if you suffer from Cardiac issues.

Many of the new and lower-priced fitness trackers have not undergone any major health studies with decent sample size, so the accuracy of these trackers cannot be ascertained.

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