How do I add and remove friends using Fitbit’s app and Fitbit’s website

Adding friends to your Fitbit is one of the best ways to get the most out of your wearable. Once you’ve added a new friend, you can cheer, taunt, join friend groups, and send messages to motivate one another as you reach for your goals.

Plus, you can see the information they share, like step averages and top badges, to know where you rank in your social circles! 

It’s one of Fitbit’s best assets, but it can be a little tricky to set up. So here’s our guide to adding and removing friends using Fitbit’s app and website.

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How do I add friends on Fitbit?

You can add a maximum of 2,000 friends using the Fitbit app.

Fitbit tries to find your contacts who have Fitbit accounts.

Remember, you can invite anyone to be a Fitbit friend!

Add friends with the Fitbit App

  1. Open the Fitbit app and choose the Today tab (you can also tap the Community tab and choose Friends.)fitbit app today tab
    1. For older Fitbit app versions, tap the Friends tab.
  2. Tap your profile picture or icon and choose to view your account profile.
  3. Tap the + Add Friends to add friends using Fitbit's app
  4. Choose your preferred method to connect to your friends and follow the onscreen instructions. Choose from using your device’s contacts, email, or via a friend’s Fitbit username (just ask them for it!)find friends in the Fitbit app
  5. Once you choose your method and your friend, they get an invitation inside the Fitbit app as a message that they must accept in order to connect with you together as Fitbit friends. 
    1. If they don’t accept the invitation or choose to ignore it, you won’t be listed as friends.

To see your list of connected friends, tap the Community tab and choose Friends. Your friends are listed in order based on their most recent 7-day step total.

Add friends by using Fitbit’s website

Unfortunately, Fitbit removed all friending and messaging features from their website, so you can now only add new friends or see your current friends via the Fitbit app.

How do I add Fitbit Friends using email?

Email Friends using the Fitbit app

  1. From Add Friends in the Fitbit App, tap the Email option, then enter the email address that your friend used to set up their Fitbit account. Fitbit app invite friend via email
  2. Tap the + icon next to the email address of the friend you want to add before pressing Done.

Don’t want any Fitbit friend requests? Can you stop or restrict Fitbit’s friend requests?

Are you getting friend requests from strangers?

One of the downsides of Fitbit is that you often get a lot of friend requests from people you don’t know. Sadly, some of these requests are not from people seeking health and fitness motivation and connections.

Unfortunately, there is currently no option in the Fitbit app or on your online account dashboard using Fitbit’s website to disable friend requests or limit these requests to friends only.

At this time, Fitbit recommends turning off notifications for friend requests as a way to manage your requests. But this method does not stop these requests from showing up in the Fitbit app or via your Fitbit account’s website dashboard. toggle off Friend Request notifications in Fitbit app

We would love for Fitbit to add a feature that allows users to turn off friend requests or to limit who can make friend requests. Consider adding your input to Fitbit’s feature suggestion page.

How do I see what my Fitbit friends are up to?

When you add a friend on Fitbit, you’re able to compare your seven-day step totals. Here’s how you can see your friends’ rankings:

See your friends in the Fitbit App

  1. Tap the Community tab, then click Friends. Fitbit friends listed in the Fitbit app community tab
  2. Your friends are listed in order, with the friend with the highest seven-day step total at the top.

How do I accept or decline Fitbit Friend requests?

There are lots of ways to accept or ignore friend requests from Fitbit users. You can use the app or the Fitbit website and your account dashboard. And if you receive an email, there is also a link inside that email to accept that request. emailed Fitbit friend request

Accept or decline friend requests on iPhones and Android Phones

  1. In the Fitbit app, tap the Today tab and then the inbox icon at the top.
  2. Tap Notifications.
  3. Then, tap the friend request.
  4. Finally, tap Accept or Ignore for each of the requests you receive. Fitbit app friend requests accept or ignore

How do I delete or block friends on Fitbit?

For now, you can only block and remove friends using the app.

Delete or block a friend using the Fitbit App

  1. First, tap the Today tab, tap your profile picture, and then tap your name and scroll to see your friends. Or tap the Community tab and choose Friends. list of friends in the Fitbit app using the community tab
  2. Tap the friend you want to delete or block. If you have a lot of Fitbit friends, press View All Friends.
  3. On their profile, tap the three dots. block or remove a Fitbit friend using the fitbit app
  4. To remove the friend, tap Remove Friend.
  5. To block a friend, tap Block User.

What happens when you block someone in Fitbit?

When you block friends and users on Fitbit, you can’t see them listed on your leaderboard, and they no longer are a friend.

The reverse is also true: anyone you block can no longer see you as a friend, listed on their leaderboard, or send you private messages.

How to unblock a Fitbit friend or user

If you want to unblock someone, go to Account, then Blocked Users, and choose the person you want to unblock. 

You cannot unblock someone using Fitbit’s website and your account dashboard. You can only block or unblock inside the Fitbit app.

  1. Choose the Today tab.
  2. Tap your account profile picture or icon to open your account settings.
  3. Scroll all the way down to Settings, just above Log Out. Settings in Fitbit app
  4. Choose Social & Sharing. social and sharing options in Fitbit app
  5. Choose Blocked Users–tap that to see your current list. 
  6. Find the person you want to unblock and press UNBLOCK and confirm. fitbit app unblock friendFitbit app confirmation to unblock friend
  7. If you want to be friends, choose the option to send a friend request.Fitbit app send friend request
    1. Your friend must accept your request in the Fitbit app to become friends again.

How do I control who sees my friends list?

Control who sees our friends list in the Fitbit App 

  1. Tap the Today tab. Next, tap your profile picture.
  2. Under Social & Sharing. Tap Privacy, then My Friends. Fitbit account privacy settings
  3. Adjust who can see your friends list. Fitbit app privacy setting for My Friends
  4. Tap Save.

Control who sees our friends list using Fitbit’s website Fitbit website privacy settings for Friends

  1. From the Fitbit website account dashboard, click the gear icon. 
  2. Next, click Settings, then click Privacy.
  3. Under Personal Info, select My Friends.
  4. Click the arrow to adjust who can see your friends.


We hope we’ve answered all your Fitbit Friend-related questions.

Still need some help?

Comment below, and we’ll try and find a solution as fast as we can!


  1. My friend was trying to add herself to my Fitbit.
    Guess what she added all her friends!!!
    Owen to. And blocked EACH one of her friends.
    I don’t want to block her friends I want them off my phone!!!

    • Hi Peggy,

      It sounds like she added herself and friends to your phone’s Contacts app instead of the Fitbit app.

      Once contacts get added to the phone’s contacts app, rather than block them, I suggest you open the Contacts app and delete them. It will be tedious since you need to do this one by one.

      Now, to add friends via the Fitbit app. Open the app and tap the Community tab at the bottom. Then tap the upper tab for Friends and choose Add Friends. Instead of Connect Contacts, at the top choose either email or username (if you know it.) Then enter the email or username of your friend and send them an invite (they must accept the invite to make the connection.)


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