Verification Failed error on new Apple Watch while activating

Apple ID verification error on Apple Watch

Many new Apple Watch users are having trouble activating their new devices following Christmas.

When trying to set up the new watch, users can follow through the pairing process using my iPhone and sign in to their Apple IDs with their passwords, but keep getting hung when Apple wants me to enter the passcode of another device. 

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How to fix Apple ID verification errors on Apple Watch

The error “Verification Failed – There was an error verifying the passcode of your xx iPhone” pops up for some parents trying to set up the Apple Watch for their children using Family setup.

If you click “Cancel” instead of resetting data, we receive an error on the iPhone that reads “Could Not Sign In. The Operation couldn’t be completed. (CDPStateError error -5307)”.

The bottom line, many users are unable to complete the setup on their new Apple devices.

If you see the verification failed error on your Apple Watch, the chances are that the Apple servers are overloaded or having other issues.

Before setting up the new Apple Watch, check out the icloud status page by clicking on this Apple system status report.activation error apple watch

We checked, and the servers were still having issues even this morning.

Once the server issue is resolved, you can attempt to set up your new Apple Watch process.

Restart your devices, sign out of your iCloud account, sign back in, and then attempt to complete the setup process. 

Apple engineers are aware of the issue and looking to fix this soon. Please do note that sometimes it can take multiple attempts to get this issue sorted.

Apple user support is beneficial, and you should definitely reach out to them if you continue to have this issue around activating your Apple Watch.

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