Biointellisense gets regulatory clearance for its BioButton wearable

Biobutton wearable

BioIntellisense, a maker of medical-grade wearables for monitoring vitals and more, has received the FCC approval for their second version of Biobutton today.

The BioButton system, a wearable medical-grade screening solution, supports a safe return to work and school.

According to the company’s site, the new Biobutton system is

  1. FDA-cleared for assisting with continuous vital sign monitoring
  2. Discreet, coin-sized single-use disposable design for effortless user experience
  3. equipped to measure continuous temperature, respiratory rate, and heart rate at rest measurements

The platform provides a continuous health screening and risk status system. Powered with advanced analytics, the platform can identify statistically meaningful trends and screen for early potential COVID infections.

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Many wearable makers have launched enterprise-grade solutions to assist with safe return to work initiatives. These include Verily Life sciences, BioIq, and Appian, to name a few.

Road to Remote Health monitoring

In 2020, we also saw numerous wearable makers apply and seek approval for platforms that can help remote health monitoring.

Vitls, based out of Houston, TX developed a clinical-grade platform that enables healthcare providers to reliably and accurately monitor key patient vital signs in real-time. 

The Vitls Platform consists of Tégo, a small and unobtrusive wearable that wirelessly records vital signs; the Vitls Cloud, where data is stored and then sent to hospital systems.

Chronisense, Ejenta, and Medopad are some of the other wearable makers who are active in the space of remote health monitoring.

2021 is expected to be an interesting year for companies in the field of remote health monitoring.

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