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If an app could be designated as a powerful personal transformation tool, the new Wellory app might be it.  Personal nutrition and wellness is a unique proposition that has only become readily available to consumers in the past few years. Prior to that, it was either expensive or out of reach for most people.

These days, it’s not that it’s hard to find a diet app or a calorie counting app that promises transformation with before and after pictures, it’s that it’s hard to know which one is the best fit for what you want to achieve. 

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Under that premise, the Wellory app, aka the anti-diet app — with personalized nutrition coaching and a fresh perspective to nutrition would seem to be the ideal path to start exploring.

We sat down with Emily Hochman, Founder of Wellory and Jackie Widmann, Head of Strategic Partnerships to learn more about the app and some of the initiatives that the company is planning to launch.Emily hochman CEO Wellory

More importantly, we wanted to know how the team is thinking through current issues and what plans it has for helping users as they deal with the changes.

Wellory understands the importance of Personal Nutrition in the Post Pandemic world

The past year has taken a toll on the physical and mental health of millions of people world wide. While we were rightly focused on slowing the spread of the pandemic, widespread shutdowns brought about a more sedentary, inactive lifestyle, which has led to increased weight gain and worsened mental health for many. 

We asked Emily about how the company is thinking through some of the challenges and new service offerings for customers as we exist out of the pandemic so that users can tackle complex health issues surrounding nutrition on their path of getting fit and staying healthy.

“Our goal is to make it affordable and accessible for anyone to get access to nutritionists all through a digital product. Whether it’s pre-covid or post-covid, you no longer have to go in person and see a nutritionist. It’s not gonna cost you hundreds of dollars a month. Our app helps keep people healthy at home.

An important element that is built into the Wellory app is that it helps with behavior modifications. This makes the transformation more sustainable for users. Many folks affected by the lockdowns have unfortunately experienced eating disorders. These issues have been reported in numerous research studies. 

Huge changes in consumer behavior due to transition in workplace location 

Folks at Wellory have also seen the change in consumer behavior patterns. 

“We are seeing a whole slew of behavioral changes coming out of post-pandemic”, remarked Emily. 

As companies think about moving employees back to the workplace or adopt a more hybrid model, many of these employees have to adjust to a new working environment and that impacts some of the habits that folks have developed over the past year and a half.

“Today we just moved into the office. How do I now build habits that are more aligned with me leaving my apartment and coming to an office and then going home again. That is not something that I have done for the last year and half!”

At the core of what Wellory provides are two key things they excel on.

First, there is the nutrition component and educating and giving people the support via accountability in nutrition expertise and the second is behavior change. 

“Post pandemic, we are seeing a whole new wave of behavior change because our life styles are changing again. Wellory is your partner to help navigate that behavior change as you are now approaching leaving your home again and that comes with a slew of physical changes as well as emotional and mental changes and we can be the support and advocate needed there.”

Wellory app acts as a trusted partner to not only the folks who are trying to lose some weight but also is super useful for users who are trying to pay attention to nutrition due to certain chronic disease-related issues. The app is also used by people who are generally trying to optimize their nutrition and stay healthy, which includes a large segment of millennial and Gen Z customers.

So we wanted to find out a little more about how the post-pandemic changes are impacting various customers.

Emily shared some eye-opening statistics that lead us to believe that offerings from apps such as Wellory are timely and can really be the helping hand for many out there who are trying to stay healthy and fit.

  • 65% of Wellory users come to the platform for achieving sustainable weight loss
  • 42% of Americans reported undesired weight gains during the pandemic
  • The average weight gain experienced by Americans during the pandemic stands at 29 lbs ( and for millennials the average weight gain was at 41 lbs.)

A study in the Journal of American Medicine reported that during the first five months of closures, the average American gained nearly two pounds per month.

And an even more concerning report by the American Physiological Association indicated that during the lockdown, 50 percent of millennials had gained weight during the lockdown, averaging an astounding 41 pounds.

What makes Wellory different is that they are not a weight loss center business. 

They are not out there targeting people saying “ Come join Wellory and Loose X lbs in Y days”.  Many companies today in the weight loss category are aggressively going after the psyche of American consumers by messaging “You need to loose weight fast” or “ You don’t look good” or running TV campaigns showing before and after photos.

“That’s ugly”, said Emily Hochman. “The last thing we as American culture need is more triggering, more targeting towards negative mental health. Although 65% of our customers are losing weight and the average American has gained an average of 30 lbs during the pandemic, We are here to help. We are not guaranteeing that you will lose 30 lbs in 30 days by using our platform. Our approach is that it’s ok and how can we help you navigate a back-to-work lifestyle in a supportive way. You will have a nutritionist in your back pocket to navigate that change. Our approach is more supportive and more realistic. As you leave your home and navigate a new lifestyle, we are here to support you and guide you and be there for you in these times of uncertainty.”

If you have been looking for a platform that can help you build out micro behavioral changes in order to achieve more sustainable transformation, Wellory is definitely the app to check out.  

Not sure if what you ordered is healthy, text a photo of your plate to your nutritionist and get solid advice, not judgement in a matter of minutes.

You get a personalized plan with ongoing support from your Wellory nutrition coach.

The certified nutrition coaches on the platform are there to help you navigate your transformation in a supportive way. You can choose the style of communication that you want from the coach, choose if you want to focus on the type of food or pick a nutrition plan that is right for the chronic disease that you may be suffering from.

We definitely recommend that you check out the easy tool that Wellory has in order to help you find the right coach.  

Wellory and Employee Health offerings

As employees move back into their workplaces, many digital health focussed companies are trying to figure out how they can offer value to employers by providing their offerings in various employee health plans and such.

We wanted to know if Wellory is actively looking into expanding their platform offering beyond the existing direct-to-customer channel.

An App needs to be solidly built and benefits verified before it can be adopted into corporate wellness programs.

Given the popularity of the app and the value that it brings to customers in terms of enriching their health and wellness, it is no surprise that the app is finding love among various employers as well.

Although Wellory is focused very much on the consumer experience, they are currently navigating the corporate wellness space as well. “ We are partnering up with a few massive Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies.

Our goal is how do we bring Wellory to the end-user and that can be through consumers and that can be through corporate wellness or could be through health care and health insurance. These channels will make Wellory as accessible to as many people as possible”.  

So stay tuned for new announcements from Wellory!

Finally, we wanted Emily and Jackie to tell us about an interesting and exciting feature that Wellory users can look forward to since the team at Wellory has been working on some neat features.Wellory App Review

Wellory Personalized Hydration monitoring coming soon

Wellory is excited about introducing personalized hydration monitoring for its users. In the current app, users can keep track of their water consumption and more. However, Wellory has rethought the user experience around this feature and is now making it easier than ever for anyone to track their hydration on a daily basis. 

“90% of the American population is dehydrated. Walking around every day dehydrated. And so, if we a minimum can help people learn how to drink more water, keep you accountable to that and make it easier than ever to track it, that will be making a huge impact”, said Emily.

So if you are an existing Wellory user or a new user, you can look forward to a reimagined and personalized water/hydration tracking feature coming soon to your favorite app. No need to have a separate app to log your water consumption. 

If you are tired of losing and gaining the same weight over and over using different diet plans, it may be time to look closely at Wellory and explore if you can leverage Wellory’s expertise and their personalized nutritionists in helping you modify some of the micro-behaviors in order to stay more healthy and fit.

To that end, Wellory was kind enough to provide our readers with a discount code. You can start exploring Wellory at a 50% Discount for the first month with the code ‘MYHEALTHYAPPLE’. 

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