Fitbit and LifeScan collaborate to bring a new service to people with Diabetes

Fitbit and lifescan diabetes management

Fitbit and Lifescan announced a collaboration to offer people with diabetes a more complete view of how lifestyle factors like daily activity, nutrition and sleep can impact blood glucose levels.

The service will leverage LifeScan’s OneTouch Reveal app to deliver a combination of data, technology and insights for improved diabetes management with the ability to link people to healthcare providers.

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Users will be able to sync the OneTouch Reveal and Fitbit apps so that OneTouch blood glucose data can be viewed alongside metrics tracked by Fitbit.

“The powerful combination of OneTouch and Fitbit offerings will provide more meaningful personalized support, whether your goal is keeping your blood sugar under control, getting more active, or eating healthier,” said Val Asbury, LifeScan president and chief executive officer. “Our collaboration with Fitbit is an important part of a larger digital ecosystem of connected solutions and services LifeScan is creating to help support a healthy lifestyle for the millions of people with diabetes who count on OneTouch products every day,” said Asbury.

The full LifeScan and Fitbit collaboration benefits will be available through OneTouch® Solutions—available first to consumers in the U.S. starting this fall and then offered to healthcare providers and payors as a reimbursed adjudicated option in early 2022.

Earlier this year Fitbit announced changes to their platform by introducing features that allow users to log in their glucose levels. 

The feature also allows users to set personalized ranges so they can see when they are outside their target range to better identify important changes and get friendly reminders to log so they can look at trends over time with easy-to-read graphs. 

It’s important to point out that the OneTouch platform is not a CGM (Continuous Glucose monitor). Users will still be required to manually do the testing using Fingerpricks and the device then syncs the data to the app. 

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