These 7 most popular Medical Apps are here to stay with us

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The current pandemic has transformed how we interact with our physicians and how the quantity and quality of medical information we consume using our mobile devices.

We looked at 7 of the top popular Medical apps for this year. We found how consumer preferences are slowly beginning to shift over to telemedicine, customers desire to take an active role in managing their own medical records, and how new technologies, such as Augmented Reality-based apps on a smartphone, are driving medical innovations.

Leading the charts of the most popular Medical apps over the past few years is MyChart, and it’s still going strong!

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MyChart from Epic provides all your data in a neatly organized portal

MyChart from Epic puts all your health information at your fingertips. With a quick tap, you can locate all your past blood pressure records, check your medications, test results, upcoming appointments, medical bills, price estimates, and more all in one place, even if you’ve been seen at multiple healthcare organizations.2020 Best Medical Apps

With the Share Everywhere feature, you can give any provider with a computer and internet temporary, one-time access to your medical record. This makes it easy to share your medical records if and when you switch doctors.

You can get medical advice by sending your message to your doctor and getting care advice. Easily request a prescription refill, and the system sends you a notification when your pharmacy order is ready to be picked up. The MyChart system also lets you schedule appointments, and you can also review your physician’s notes that were made when you visited.

All in all, although a lot of focus and effort has shifted during the pandemic over to the patient to be more active with their health, MyChart from Epic does a fantastic job in making this transition super easy and intuitive.

GoodRx helps you Save $$ on prescription drugs during these hard economic times  

Overpaying for prescription drugs during these hard economic conditions can be alleviated with a simple app like GoodRx.

Available on both Apple’s app store and Google’s Playstore, this app has proven to be a super tool allowing some users to save up to 80% of their prescription costs.2020 Best Medical Apps

GoodRx is free and allows you to search for the lowest prescription prices from over 70,000 pharmacies. All you have to do is show the saving coupon to your pharmacist when picking up your prescription.

The app streamlines shopping with access to millions of prices, available discounts, and manufacturer coupons.

You’ll never purchase another medication before checking the prices on GoodRx once you get familiar with this intuitive app.

Healow provides you access to all your medical information and more  

Much like Mychart from Epic, the Healow app is another alternative app that provides you access to your and your family’s health data, lets you connect with doctors remotely via healer Televisits as well as take video consultation from home.Best 2020 Medical apps

The element of televisits and video consultations is here to stay and can be really useful before the Flu season is here. Avoid the long lines and risks of hospitals and manage your health from the comfort of your home.

FollowMyHealth is another app in the Medical Records space

Access and manage your health information on the go with the mobile version of your Universal Health Record powered by FollowMyHealth®. View test and lab results, request prescription renewals, communicate securely with your physicians, schedule appointments, and more – for you and your family with 24/7 online access!

This is a popular app that is offered by many participating healthcare facilities across the country. Check with your hospital, insurance plan, or Physician’s office to see if they offer it, and you can sign up for free and start using this app immediately with ease.

When your doctor uses FollowMyHealth, you have access to secure messaging, appointment scheduling, telehealth (at participating providers), and so much more, making it easy to manage your health on your terms.

Teladoc is revolutionizing the space of Remote Health Care

Available on both the Apple app store and Google Play store, this app has transformed itself as a leading app in the space of telemedicine and remote healthcare offerings.

No more waiting for months to get a doctor’s appointment. 

Teladoc’s doctors, therapists, and specialists can help you with the flu, infections, anxiety, stress, skin conditions and provide advice on serious medical conditions.Best Medical Apps

No matter what you’re facing, the team is available from wherever you are by phone, video, or app 24/7. If you have insurance, their Everyday Care offering will cost you nothing. In the case of no insurance, you will pay $75 for the doctor’s consultation.

Far better than sitting at a physician’s overcrowded office during these times.

This is one app whose popularity has skyrocketed following the pandemic outbreak.

Kinsa makes it easy to understand symptoms and get the right help KInsa smart thermometer app

Running a fever? Not exactly sure what to do next or if it is serious?

A simple thermometer won’t be able to give you all the answers. Kinsa can. Guidance and care recommendations are built into Kinsa’s free app, offering advice based on your age, fever, symptoms, and the illnesses circulating in your area.

The Kinsa app also pairs directly with Kinsa smart thermometers via Bluetooth.

Whether it’s a simple ear infection or a new rash that appears to be spreading, you can get preliminary advice using the Kinsa app.

VeinSeek Pro, a blessing in disguise VeinSeek app

When Amanda had to undergo chemotherapy a few years back, it was always difficult to find the right veins on her arm before the chemo medicines could be injected.

It was probably one of the most annoying and anxiety-filled experiences, as the nurses had to try one location after another to find a suitable spot.

Finding the right vein to draw blood for testing or injecting medicines can sometimes be harder with elderly patients.

This is where VeinSeek comes to the rescue. The App uses augmented reality-based technology right on your mobile device to help you locate the right vein.

VeinSeek Pro takes advantage of multispectral imaging principles and the intrinsic optical properties of skin to produce enhanced images of veins; it does so by boosting oxyhemoglobin/deoxyhemoglobin absorption contrast. Point your phone’s camera over the area of the skin, and the app guides you through a series of steps to locate the best vein. 

Final thoughts

What are some of the medical apps that you are currently using on your medical device? What has been your experience so far?

Sound off using the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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