HabitAware’s new Keen2 wearable get FCC approval and ready to pre-order

Habitaware keen2 wearable

HabitAware, a Twin Cities tech company, is the maker of a bracelet wearable that aids users to be aware of behaviors like nail-biting or constantly touching their faces.

The wearable is designed to make you aware of repetitive behaviors that you can track and then modify.

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Have you heard of trichotillomania or dermatillomania? Both are known as “body-part repetitive behaviors”—in this case, hair pulling and skin pulling.

The bracelet from HabitAware and its companion app help users recognize these repetitive habits.

Aneela Idnani co-founded HabitAware in 2016 with the goals of overcoming her hidden, 20+ year struggle with trichotillomania, empowering others to do the same, and destigmatizing BFRBs.

As Aneela shares, “BFRBs afflict 1 in 20 Americans (~20mm people)… If it’s not you, it’s someone you love.”

After years of positive response around the first generation Keen device—including Time’s Best Inventions 2018—customer feedback and NIH research guided Keen 2’s development.

The company received FCC approval this week for its new Keen2 bracelet. The company had announced the new Keen2 model in November 2020.

The new model from HabitAware comes with a list of improvements over the last model:

      • Improved gesture detection
      • Habit Reversal Therapy, including gamified awareness training system (in-app purchase)
      • Improved in-app dashboard for behavior tracking
      • Detailed data analysis (in-app purchase)
      • Improved water resistance
      • Watch face (time & date)
      • Step tracking
      • Breathing light
      • Ongoing support (optional)

It is available for pre-order from the company’s website, starting at $139.00.Habitaware Keen2

Keen brings you into awareness with a simple vibration every time you perform your specific behavior.  

Keen is designed for kids (ages 8+) and adults who are ready to change. Keen provides awareness.  With these two key ingredients, you have the power to take control of your subconscious Body-Focused Repetitive Behavior (BFRB). 

If you are trying to shake off a habit that has been bothering you for a while, feel free to check out Keen2 from BodyAware.

We have not tested this bracelet as of writing, but the reviews on the company’s website speak for themselves. We could not locate a trial period offering for Keen2 at the time of writing.

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