How to turn off your Samsung Galaxy Watch display while charging

Turn Samsung Galaxy off while charging

Charging the Samsung Galaxy Watch is easy with the provided charger, but several readers have asked if there is a way to turn off the watch’s display while charging it.

Although keeping the display on during charging does not result in any burn-ins on the display, most people who asked this question wanted to make sure that their watch display is turned off during the night while it is on the charging cradle.

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Switching off the Galaxy watch display during the night helps many folks who have challenges with light sources while sleeping.

Recent Samsung Galaxy watch updates have made a feature available to control the screen display when the watch is charging. 

Disable Charging Info on Galaxy Watch

Here’s how you can set it up and enjoy a good sleep while your Galaxy watch is charging.

    • Open the Settings on your Galaxy Watch by scrolling down on the home screenGalaxy watch quick settings panel
    • Tap on Settings
    • Scroll down and tap on ‘Display’Disable Galaxy watch charging screen at night
    • Scroll down and locate ‘Show Charging Info”
    • Turn this setting to Offdisable show charging info on galaxy watch

This display setting on your Samsung Galaxy Watch is designed to keep the screen on to show the battery level until it’s full. You can disable this setting when charging the watch during night hours to keep the sepals dim on the watch.

Enable Goodnight Mode on Samsung Galaxy Watch

A better option to handle the Galaxy Watch display during nighttime is to use the built-in ‘Goodnight’ feature on your watch.

Here is how you can set up Goodnight mode.

    • Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone
    • Tap on the Home tab
    • Scroll down and tap on ‘Advanced’
    • Enable ‘Good Night’ mode

This will automatically prevent disturbances while you’re sleeping. It will turn off your notifications, always-on display, wake-up gesture, and Touch wake-up features on the watch during the nighttime.

You can also enable the Goodnight mode directly from your Galaxy Watch. Good night mode on Galaxy watch

Swipe down from the top of your watch’s display to open the quick settings screen and tap on Goodnight mode to enable the setting.

Do-not-disturb mode vs. Goodnight mode 

If you can live with some of the Do-not-disturb mode’s limitations, then it is another nice option to consider since it allows you the flexibility to switch on and off automatically depending on day and time.

There is no easy way to set an auto-schedule for Goodnight mode on the Samsung Galaxy Watch. You will need to enable and disable the feature manually.

Instead, you can use the Do-not-disturb functionality. This has the ‘Turn on as scheduled’ function and allows you to set the timings.

    • Access this feature by swiping down from the home screen to open quick settings and then tap on the ‘Settings’ icon.Galaxy watch quick settings panel
    • Scroll down and tap on ‘Advanced’Advanced Settings on Samsung Galaxy watch
    • Scroll down on this screen and tap on ‘Do not disturb’ Do-not-disturb vs Goodnight mode on Galaxy watch
    • Choose ‘Turn on as scheduled’  and follow the steps.

In Summary, there are different ways to manage the Samsung Galaxy watch display when charging the device at night. Try out the different options and see which one you like the best.

We hope that you found this article helpful. Please let us know if you have any questions or if you would like to share a favorite tip or two using the comments below.

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  1. We bought our son a Samsung Galaxy Watch (first gen) last year for xmas because we liked this version the best and now it will charge and it says 99% but we cant get the face to turn on, please help. It is too expensive to just replace it.


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