How do I stop my Apple Watch from asking if I’m done with my workout?

Your Apple Watch includes a feature called automatic workout detection which helps recognize and remind you to start or end your workout when using the Apple Watch Workout app.

This feature works by sensing when you start (for certain workouts only) or stop exercising When sensed, your watch taps your wrist and shows an alert to you to start or end the Workout app. These reminders can even give you credit for exercises you’ve recently completed.

You see start workout reminders when the watch detects movements associated with certain workout types like walking, running, cycling, or swimming.

Your watch asks if you’re done working out (end workout reminder) when the watch detects no movement, or it detects a different type of movement from the workout type you were previously doing. 

While some people, like me, find these reminders helpful, others don’t appreciate them interrupting their workouts and find them annoying! 

So if you are solidly in the find them annoying camp, it’s easy to turn them off. 

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How to turn off end workout alerts on your Apple Watch 

Personally, I like these end workout reminders since I frequently forget to end my workout by swiping right and tapping the End button. I especially forget to end my outdoor walking workouts for my daily outings with my dog. Whiskey dog walk with flowers

So for me, getting this end workout reminder helps me.

But I have a lot of friends who absolutely hate them, mainly because that reminder shows up and pauses their workouts when they’re taking a water break, waiting for a traffic light, or just taking a short rest.

Then when they resume exercising, they often don’t get credit for it because the watch remains paused!

Now technically, your watch should continue tracking your workout if you don’t respond to the end workout notification. But frequently, the workout remains paused.

If that sounds like what’s happening to you, let’s turn this feature off.

How to stop your Apple Watch from randomly asking if you finished your workout

  1. Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch > Workout
  2. Scroll down and turn off the End Workout Reminder. Toggle off End Workout Reminder on Apple Watch Workout app

You can also do this in the Watch app > Workout app and toggle off End Workout Reminder. Toggle off Press to Pause settings in Watch app on iPhone

What’s nice about Apple’s Workout app options to that you can continue to get Start Workout Reminders when you have end Workout Reminders off (and vice-versa.)

One thing we’ve noticed is that Apple resets these features back to their default settings (reminders all on) after iOS or watchOS updates. So you might need to repeat these steps after updating your watch or iPhone.

What workouts show auto-detect start workout reminders Apple Watch start workout reminder

While the end workout reminder works with all of the different types of workout categories, only certain workouts in the Workout app show these start workout reminders.

You see these reminders for walks (indoor and outdoor,) runs (indoor and outdoor,) outdoor cycling, elliptical, rower, pool, and open water swims. Set up auto detection on Apple Watch

For those of us that often forget to use the Workouts app for things like walks and runs, the  Start Workout reminder is useful. 

Is your Apple Watch randomly ending your workout or frequently pausing during workouts to ask if you finished the workout?

If your watch screen repeatedly shows the message asking, “Finished your workout?” with options to End Workout (the default), Pause, or Dismiss, and it keeps popping up while you’re exercising (actively exercising and not taking a break), there’s likely a further issue. 

In that case, the best fix is to unpair the watch to reset it and either restore from your recent backup or set it up as new.

How to get your Apple Watch to sync with your iPhone
Unpairing your Apple Watch takes time but should fix most issues.

When you unpair your watch, it automatically creates a backup of your watch’s data and then erases it and reinstalls the watchOS. Unpairing removes temporary files and fixes any issues caused by corrupted files. Apple Watch set up as new or restore from backup

Try restoring from your backup first. If the problem persists, then unpair your watch again and set it up as new.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, you can now manage your workout reminders to suit your needs.

Personally, I turn off Start Workout Reminders while I leave End Workout Reminder on. I do this because, all too often, I forget to end my workouts! 

So if you’re someone like me that forgets to end your workouts, using the End Workout Reminder is a good feature to keep on. Same with folks that might forget to start their workouts with the Start Workout Reminder

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