How to rename Voice Memos on your Apple Watch

How to rename Voice Memos on Apple Watch

Apple Voice Memos app is a quick and easy way to leverage the built-in microphone on your Apple devices to record a voice note quickly.

Although the Voice Memos that you record via your Apple Watch may not be of top quality, it is still a pretty nice feature to quickly record a thought or an idea that you may have stumbled upon while you are walking, jogging, or doing something without your iPhone.

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The problem with no-name Voice Memos 

By default, most voice memos on Apple devices are saved as ‘Recording’ or ‘Recording 2’ and so on, depending upon how many voice memos you created and saved. The problem with this is that over time, you get a bunch of voice memos on your device that you have no clue about when looking at the title.

So, when you are trying to locate a voice memo, you will have to manually review the recordings to find the one you are actually looking for.

Did you know that you can easily rename and add a more meaningful title to your voice memo once you have completed the recording using just a few steps on your Apple Watch?

How to rename a Voice Memo on your Apple Watch

Here is how you can rename or add a title to your Voice memo on your Apple Watch

  1. Launch Voice Memos on your Apple Watch.Apple Watch Voice Memos
  2. Tap on the ‘Record’ button to record a voice memo.
  3. Once you are done with recording, tap on the pause button.Renaming Voice memos on Apple Watch
  4. The Voice Memo is saved by default with a prefix of ‘Recording.’
  5. Tap on the new Voice Memo and it opens up the playback screen.How to Rename Voice memos on Apple Watch
  6. On this screen, tap on the text (‘Recording’) at the top left corner of the screen.
  7. This opens up the screen for you to enter the new name for the voice memo.
  8. The easiest way is name it is to tap on the microphone button at the bottom right and then use your voice to create your preferred title.Provide a new name for the Voice Memo
  9. Tap on ‘Done’, and the Voice memo is now saved with your chosen title.Tap Done to complete renaming voice memo

This simple process of assigning a title to your voice memo directly on your watch saves you the hassle later when you try to look for a particular memo on your iPhone or Mac.

With this, you have a better-organized list of Voice Memos!!

Use Shortcuts on your iPhone to automate Voice Memo review

If you use Voice Memos on your Apple devices to keep track of short ideas or an interesting thought or two, you can automate a process using which you can send a message or an email to yourself once you have finished using Voice Memos.Use shortcuts with voice memos on Apple iPhone and Watch

This acts more like a reminder that you have some unfinished business with a voice memo you had recorded earlier.

Otherwise, the pile of memos keeps growing on your device, and you may not ever get to review them and tackle them.

Using the Shortcuts app on your iPhone or Apple Watch, you can set up a shortcut that will either message you or email you every time you close the Voice Memos app on a device. 

There are plenty of better ways to handle this, but I have created a simple shortcut that sends an email to my inbox once I close the voice memos app on my device.

We hope you found this short article useful.

Please let us know if you have any questions. And let us know in the comments section if you have a tip or two that can help readers become more productive when it comes to using Voice memos on their Apple Watch.


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