How to use the new Night Mode on your Apple Watch Ultra

How to use night Mode on Apple Watch Ultra

Seeing at night can be a challenge. Moving about when it’s dark without disturbing sleeping people is a skill that can be managed using red lighting. The new Apple Watch Ultra comes with a night mode.

Night mode is perfect for anyone active at night who want to reduce eyestrain or distraction from bright screens, including athletes, nighttime first responders, stargazers, and anyone that wants to protect their vision.

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What is the night mode for Apple Watch Ultra?

The night mode on the Apple Watch Ultra essentially puts a red filter on your watch display. The red light helps remove blue light from the Watch’s display to ease eye strain in the dark.

This is an essential feature for explorers and adventurers who have to travel in the dark of night. Think of that massive push heading to a peak before sunlight! That’s when your Apple Watch Ultra shines with the new night mode feature.

Using Night Mode on Apple Watch Ultra

You can easily switch to night mode on your Apple Watch Ultra.

The Night Mode on the Apple Watch Ultra is currently only available on the Wayfinder watch face. You must change your watch face to Wayfinder since you cannot enable Night Mode when any other watch face is displayed.

  1. Start by making sure you are using the new Wayfinder watch face.Wayfinder watch face for Night Mode
  2. Rotate the Digital Crown to launch the Night Mode.How to use night Mode on Apple Watch Ultra
  3. To return to the normal watch face, rotate the digital crown in the opposite direction.

You can create multiple versions of the Wayfinder watch face.

Just swipe to the one you want, based on your activity. You can create a version you want to use for night mode on your Apple Watch Ultra.

Limitations of Night Mode on Apple Watch Ultra

The one issue with the Night Mode is that it only works on the main screen. 

Tap on any complication on the watch face when it is in night mode, and you will lose the red light. The Watch launches the complication in normal light. I wish there were an option where the backlight stays in night mode until I disable it.

What are some of the features that you really like on your new Apple Watch Ultra? Please sound off using the comments below.

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