5 of the best cycling training apps this year

FulGaz best cycling training apps

Summertime is the peak season for road and mountain bikers to put in extra miles. It’s easy to see that some of the best cycling training apps out there are used more in summer than in any other season.

Whether you want to improve your power and endurance for an event or recreational riding, consider checking out some of the best cycling training apps this year.

In this article, we’ll walk you through our favorite picks of the season and provide you with an overview of each app to see if it’s your perfect cycling match.

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Our picks for best cycling training apps this year

1. BKool Simulator 

BKool cycling app

This app is here to help you build the legs needed to pass other cyclists on the road. They even advertise themselves as the “most complete cycling simulator on the market.”

BKool offers everything from millions of real routes simulated for your device to structured workouts that challenge your fitness, guided cycling classes, and track cycling in a velodrome setup

You can choose to select a route that guides you through scenic Switzerland. Or you could opt for a challenging, interval-style workout that measures all sorts of fitness metrics.

Want a trainer motivating you through your screen? Join one of BKool’s guided classes. 

It really is a “choose your own adventure” type of app. You’ll be tested to prove your fitness no matter what simulation you go for. 

The BKool Simulator app is available for both iOS and Android.


  • Offers multi-training applications (classes, velodrome, etc.)
  • Over 10 million actual routes around the world that you can ride at home
  • Reasonably priced at around $9.99/month


  • Only offers one individual prescription (no family plan for multiple riders)

2. TrainerRoad

TrainerRoad app for cycling

What do you want to achieve?

Are you trying to win races and events? Climb faster? Improve body composition? Or just get more fit and healthy?

TrainerRoad boasts that they are the most effective training app on the market due to its riders’ quick results and regular PRs. 

The app is backed by science and data that ensures the highest level of accuracy when training.

The app may not be as flashy with simulated graphics as some others, but it makes up for that in its adaptive training model that gets smarter the more you use it.

TrainerRoad comes with a flexible workout calendar and workouts that measure fitness metrics such as your endurance, tempo, VO2Max, anaerobic threshold, and much more. 

The app’s goal is to truly make you fitter and faster for the road. TrainerRoad is available for both iOS and Android.


  • Highly effective, adaptive training model for peak performance
  • Science-backed workouts that have been proven successful
  • Measures a variety of helpful fitness metrics


  • It is not equipped with simulated graphics or real-world routes
  • A bit of a steeper price at $19.99/month (or save some money and opt for the $189 annually)

3. FulGaz

FulGaz best cycling training apps

FulGaz is an Australian company adding another intriguing platform to the list of some of the best cycling training apps out there. 

They have a beautiful user face with hundreds of videos that take you through actual, global routes. You can even select your route based on your desired mileage (up 100 miles).

The videos are so real and engaging that you’ll be hyper-focused on following the wheel of the rider in front of you and maybe even leaning into your turns!

Hook up your smart trainer or power/speed sensor and select from one of FulGaz’s three training modes: Steady, Reactive, and Challenge.

The Steady option allows you to train for endurance by riding the route as it is in real life. You won’t be faced with any intermittent challenges added to the course. 

The Reactive route responds to how hard you work and adapt the course as it sees fit.

The Challenge mode also has this reactive component, but you also have the option to compete against a duplicate version of yourself or another online rival.

As of the publishing of this article, FulGaz only supports iOS. 


  • Stunning and engaging graphics as part of your training
  • Highlights actual routes around the worlds
  • It offers three different training modes 
  • If using the annual plan, you can add a family member for free


  • Not as many routes in their library as some of the other apps
  • $12.99/monthly (or $108.00 annually)

4. Wahoo SYSTM

Wahoo systm best cycling training app

The Wahoo SYSTM app is a performance-driven app that plays host to an impressive amount of cycling workouts.

In addition to cycling, it also features swimming, running, strength training, yoga, and mental training sessions.

The app and its platform were recently released in September 2021, and it has quickly risen to be one of the best cycling training apps this year. 

You’ll start off with a performance test called the 4DP that tests your neuromuscular power, maximal aerobic power, functional threshold power, and anaerobic capacity. 

This sets the benchmark for your workouts and training plans, as they are customized to your specific profile. 

From there, you can choose how you train (e.g., what terrain, what type of challenge, volume, work-to-rest ratio, etc.). 

Wahoo systm

I also love this app because it features a strength training section which is SO essential for cycling. Many riders seem to forget this!

Not only do you have a ton of actual cycling routes to choose from, but you’ll be given a workup around each ride that measures all sorts of useful fitness metrics.

Wahoo SYSTM is available for iOS, Mac, and Windows devices.


  • It offers a baseline fitness test to plan workouts
  • Incorporates multi-sport/activity for the best training
  • Measures an extensive number of fitness metrics
  • It offers visually stunning routes to train with


  • It’ll cost you $14.99/month or $129.00/year

5. Rouvy

Route in Rouvy

Rouvy’s app is another fun way to ride around the world with their real-life routes.

I think it’s a great mix of worldwide rides (routes in 32 countries!), interval training sessions, and a handful of competitive modes that have you racing against the clock or other riders.

You can also join scheduled races to test how far your legs have come since starting your training.

Another fun feature that Rouvy offers is the ability to ride real event routes that the pros are racing on. You can compete against their times and see how you match up!

Rouvy may not be as complex as some of the other apps, but I think it’s a great blend of promoting fun while you train to improve your performance. 

Rouvy is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows. 


  • Real routes (that even the pros ride!) across 32 countries
  • It has more of a vibe for mixing fun with performance


  • Some users have noted technical difficulties with the app and their trainers
  • $144 annual subscription

Final thoughts on 5 of the best cycling training apps

There’s an app for everything and everyone. 

These are our top picks this year, and it’s easy to see that each app offers something different from the others.

We hope you’ll try some of these (as most offer free trials!), and maybe you’ll find your perfect match to improve your overall cycling fitness. 


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