Digital Metabolic health startup Vital health announces pre-seed round

Vital Health Blood Glucose monitoring

Vital Health founder Mehdi Yacoubi announced today on Twitter that the company has obtained a pre-seed round led by JME Ventures and other notable investors to help expand its offerings in the area of metabolic health.

The new funding will allow the company to focus on their singular mission: empower people to optimize their health in a preventive way, said Mehdi in his tweet.Vital health raises new capital

Vital Health’s vision is to build out the “Strava for Health.” The new metabolic health platform is designed to 

  • Pull data from all existing wearables
  • Provide users with clear analytics and recommendations
  • Incorporate social features to influence community health behavior
  • Explore Gamification as a medium to transform health optimization

The Vital health platform integrates with your CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) device and tracks glucose levels in real-time. The platform also provides users a method to log their meals, activities, and modes.

Vital Health is an exciting player in personalized metabolic health management, and it will be interesting to see how fast they can scale, given the competition in this space.Vital Health Features

The company starts with metabolic health and blood glucose level monitoring and will add new features down the road.

Companies such as Levels and Veritable have also been attracting a lot of attention post-pandemic as users try to look for better approaches to manage their health proactively.

Last week, Carbon Health acquired Steady health to expand its offerings in this space. Steady Health offers a similar platform that allows for real-time coaching from specialists with services neatly packaged into “Modern diabetes care designed for you.”

It is very much possible that there will be additional consolidation in this space as new upstarts such as Vitals Health gain momentum and expand upon their digital offerings.

We are excited about Vital Health and wish Mehdi and his team at Vital Health the very best and look forward to seeing some exciting health features!

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I am a technologist with years of experience with Apple and wearOS products, have a BS in Computer Science and an MBA specializing in emerging tech, and owned the popular site AppleToolBox. In my day job, I advise Fortune 500 companies with their digital transformation strategies and also consult with numerous digital health startups in an advisory capacity. I'm VERY interested in exploring the digital health and fitness-tech evolution and keeping a close eye on patents, FDA approvals, strategic partnerships, and developments happening in the wearables and digital health sector. When I'm not writing or presenting, I run with my Apple Watch Ultra or Samsung Galaxy Watch and closely monitor my HRV and other recovery metrics.


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