NeuroTennis, a must-have wristband for serious tennis players

Neurotennis wearable for tennis players

The Wearables niche is becoming more and more focussed each passing day. NeuroTennis is a wearable wrist band with built-in sensors that aim at improving all aspects of your tennis game.

This wearable has been designed with the help of Mats Wilander, a former #1 world champion, and has plenty to offer for serious Tennis fans.

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What makes it stand apart from other tennis training systems, is that it provides you coaching on a real-time basis. 

The coaching instructions are synced with the rhythm of your playing encouraging you to develop the best skills and habits.

According to the wearable maker, this device excels at two very important things:

First, it turns the good elements of your game into consistent behavioral patterns. If you are like most tennis players, there are already plenty of things you know how to do well, but you just don’t do them all the time. By making your strengths into true habits, you will quickly reach your current potential. 

Second, NeuroTennis expands your future potential by introducing new skills and concepts and then pushes you to turn those into new habits. NeuroTennis Live Coaching and Drills

The built-in Live Coaching program keeps you working with a professional-level focus on the court the entire time you are playing, teaching your brain-specific improvements. In each practice session, you can expect to acquire new skills or perfect your current ones.

Drills are what make good tennis players great!

The key scientific principle underlying NeuroTennis is neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to structurally adapt and change.

As learning occurs, neural connections and related brain structures are strengthened and modified. These changes are the physical manifestation of learning embodied in the brain’s biological structures.

If you are someone who likes to work with a tennis coach in structuring your drills, whether to increase stamina or improve upon that service, the Neurotennis wearable is there to assist you.

The NeuroTennis comes packed with valuable drills. And, you or your coach can also tailor drills to your specific needs.NeroTennis app and wearable

The companion app allows you to manage your practice sessions. Select drills from an extensive library designed by our world-class coaches are included with the app. Featuring detailed video instructions, the app will guide you through the various drills with ease.

The wrist wearable comes with built-in sensors that react in real-time when you or your opponent strike the ball. Reacting as soon as possible is a key improvement area for most players, even at the pro level. NeuroTennis instantly prompts you to react at precise times during the rally. The technology has been patented in the US.

The team behind NeuroTennis has been diligently working since late 2017 on the product. There were sourcing delays around the parts in 2018 and we haven’t seen new updates from the Brand.

You can still register on their website and get detailed updates around their progress.

In the meanwhile, take a look a look at this affordable racquet sensor from Zepp.

Zepp Tennis Swing and Match Analyzer

If you are exploring wearables or gadgets with the idea of improving your Tennis playing, you may want to explore the Zepp swing and match analyzer in the meantime. The Zepp Tennis 2 Swing and Match Analyzer is a nice little gadget with a sensor that can help. This is easily available at Amazon for less than $100 but is no neurotennis! It offers decent value for your money.

Zepp Tennis Wearable sensor

  • Track key performance metrics for each swing including; stroke type, ball speed, ball spin, sweet spot and more
  • Smart rally capture technology automatically captures each rally Turning them into Individual clips for you to review

The sensor has built-in Bluetooth that communicates the stats over to the companion app on your phone. Simply attach the sensor to your racquet and let Zepp help you become the player you ASPIRE to be.

We have reached out to Neurotennis to get the latest update around the launch of their product and will keep you posted as we hear more.

Update 10/15/2020

Neurotennis has informed us that their product is now available for everyone on their website:
There is no need to pre-register and they are globally available for sale and shipping. Please check it out and give it a try next time you hit the courts!!
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