Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 snore detection not working? Fix it now

snore detection Samsung Health on Galaxy Watch 4

Trying to track and record snoring when sleeping using your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Android phone, but it’s not working or showing any data in the Samsung Health app? Sadly, you aren’t alone–quite a few of our readers with the Galaxy 4 Watch have this problem!

If the snore detection feature is not working for you, learn how to get it working today.

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Getting snore detection to work on your Galaxy Watch 4 sleep report on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

This may seem obvious, but this feature only works with the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic. It does not work on any other models (at least not yet), including the Watch 3, Active 2, or any other Samsung Galaxy or Gear watch models.

Additionally, to measure snoring, you must pair your watch with an Android phone using Android 6.0 or later with at least 1.5GB of RAM. You must also use the Samsung Health app (version 6.18 or higher) on your phone.

Your Samsung Galaxy 4 Watch uses your phone’s bottom microphone(s) to check for snoring rather than the watch’s microphone, so to get any snore data, you must also have your paired phone next to you while sleeping. So, keep your phone next to you, preferably connected to its charger, to get snoring detection to work. charge phone with cable for Samsung Health snore detection feature

Check that you see other sleep data, like sleep stages and scores.

If you don’t see any sleep data, it’s likely that sleep tracking isn’t working at all, and consequently, you won’t get any snore data. See this article to fix issues with sleep tracking: How to use sleep tracking on your Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Next, to record snoring on your Galaxy Watch, make sure you do the following:

  1. Wear your watch when you sleep.
  2. Try to keep your sleeping environment quiet–snore detection won’t work well if there is a lot of noise and sounds from other sources (like CPAP machines, televisions, music, and so forth.)
  3. Turn on snore detection and select Once or Always. Find this setting in Samsung Health > Sleep > More button (three verticle dots) > Snore detection.set snore detection on for Samsung Health
  4. Decide if you want your phone to record audio for snoring and, if so, how long you want to keep those recordings on your phone. snore detection option to record audio
  5. Allow Samsung Health access to your phone’s microphone. Go to Settings > Privacy > Permission manager > Microphone > Samsung Health and set it to Allow only while using the app. Samsung Health app permission for microphone
  6. Place your phone within 2 feet of your body on a flat and stable surface. If you set snore detection to always, you must connect it to power, so it’s charging.
  7. Position the phone so that its bottom microphone(s) points toward your face so it can listen for and record any snoring.

If you followed all those steps, snore detection should track and any sounds you make while sleeping.

Then, the following day, open the Samsung Health app to see if you snored. And if so, learn how long and how often you snored throughout your sleep.

6 tips to fix snore detection on your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Samsung Health app no snoring data

Not seeing any snoring report? It’s possible that you didn’t snore at all!

If you see no snoring data and verify that the toggle for snore detection is on and set to either Always or Once, then you may not have snored. no snoring detected on Samsung Health app

However, if you (or someone who shares your bed) know that you usually snore, follow our troubleshooting steps below.

Before troubleshooting, make sure you check for any updates for your watch, phone, the Wearable app, and Samsung Health app. If updates are available, install them. 

After updating, toggle snore detection on or if it’s already on, toggle it off, wait a few seconds and then toggle it back on.

#1 Don’t use wireless charging

It appears that this feature works best when you charge your phone using a cable rather than wirelessly. Quite a few of our readers tell us that they only get snore recordings and reports when they plug their phones into a wall outlet.

#2 Set snore detection to Once instead of Always or vice-versa snore detection settings in Samsung Health app on Galaxy Watch 4

If you don’t see any snore data, try changing your snore detection setting to Always or Once. Remember that if you choose Always, you need to plug your phone into its charger.

#3 Try sleeping alone

If you normally sleep with someone else (or your animal companion,) head towards your guest bedroom or sofa and try a night’s sleep there. See if you get any snoring information.

#4 Silence any noise 

Keeping your sleeping environment as quiet as possible also helps your phone accurately gather and record snoring.

If you usually listen to music, podcasts, watch tv, or use an ambient sleep sound machine, set it on a timer, so it turns off during the night.

Fans, A/C, and other things that generate a lot of noise make it difficult for your phone to recognize snoring.

#5 Turn on Blood oxygen during sleep

Although this feature should not impact snore detection, it’s worth a try.

  • On your phone, go to Samsung Health > Sleep and tap the More Button (three verticle dots icon.) Choose Blood oxygen during sleep and toggle it on. Measure blood oxygen during sleep on Samsung Health app
  • On your watch, go to Samsung Health and scroll down and tap Settings. Under Measurement, toggle on Blood oxygen during sleep. measure blood oxygen during sleep on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 using Samsung Health app

#6 Set Heart Rate Measurement to continuous

To detect snoring, your watch and Samsung Health look at your heart rate to first determine when you are actually sleeping and not just resting. Once it detects you are sleeping (any stage,) it starts tracking your sleep and looking for snoring sounds.

  • On your watch, go to Samsung Health and scroll down and tap Settings. Under Measurement, tap Heart Rate and toggle on Measure continuously. set heart rate to measure continuously on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Hopefully, you now see your sleep stage information along with any snoring reports! 

If you set up snoring detection to record audio, tap the snoring tile to review the audio recordings. Samsung Health snoring audio recordings

If you have more than one recording, tap each to listen to snoring. 

FAQ for snore detection on Samsung Galaxy 4 WatchFAQ frequently asked questions

Why do I need to have my phone with me to detect snoring?

Samsung’s snore detection feature uses the microphone(s) on your phone rather than your watch to listen for and record snoring.

You need to wear your watch to detect when you fall asleep, which then notifies the phone to start using its microphone to analyze and listen for snoring.

Does snore detection also pick up snoring from others?

Yes, if you sleep with other people or even pets who snore, then your phone might measure and record snoring from that person (or pet) too.

To minimize your phone picking up any snoring from others, keep your phone’s bottom microphone(s) pointing towards your head and away from others.

If you aren’t sure if the snoring detected is yours, try sleeping a night alone and see if the feature detects any snores.

Does my phone need to be charging for snore detection to work?

Technically, if you choose to detect snoring only once rather than always, you do not need to charge your phone. 

However, in our testing, we needed to have our phone charging (using the charging cable, not wirelessly charging) to get this feature to work regardless of the once or always setting.

That’s why we recommend you always charge your phone when using snore detection. 

Do I have to record snoring, or can the phone just let me know if and when I snored?

You do not have to record the audio of your snoring. You can choose to measure it.

Find these settings in the Samsung Health app > Sleep > More Button (three verticle dots) > Snore detection > Record audio.

If you choose to record audio, you have the option to keep these recordings for either 7, 31, or 100 days. After that time, Samsung Health automatically deletes any expired recordings. 

Do I need to install the Sleep Cycle app on my phone and/or watch to get snore detection to work?

No, you do not need to have SleepCycle on your phone or watch to get snore detection to measure and record any snoring. 

Samsung partnered with SleepCycle to use its snoring detection technology for Galaxy 4 Watch users in the Samsung Health app. That’s why you see a message at the bottom of your snoring report that it’s powered by Sleep Cycle. Sleep Cycle powered Samsung Health app snore detection feature

If you want additional insights into your sleep, tap the Sleep Cycle button, and you can install SleepCycle’s app on your phone and watch and then use its free plan (Sleep Cycle Freemium) or upgrade to Sleep Cycle’s premium subscription. You do not need a premium app subscription to use the snore detection feature and access your snore reports. 

How to turn off snore detection for your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

If you don’t want to use snore detection, you can do this on your phone’s Samsung Health app.

Open Samsung Health and choose the Sleep tile. Tap the More button (three verticle dots) > Snore detection and toggle it off. Samsung Health app turn off snore detection

When you toggle off snore detection, you automatically disable recording audio. All previous audio recordings remain saved to your phone until they reach their expiration date.

How to delete your snoring audio recordings

Samsung Health automatically deletes all snoring audio recordings when they reach the data you set to delete recordings after. That’s either 7, 31, or 100 days from when your phone created the recording.

However, you can manually delete recordings by pressing and holding a listed recording, then checkmark the ones you want to remove or choose Select all and press Delete. Manually delete snoring audio recordings from phone and Samsung Health app

Then, confirm you want to delete those recordings–you cannot recover these once removed.

Final thoughts

I hope you are now able to catch any snoring while sleeping. Your watch must first detect that you are sleeping to trigger snore detection–so short naps usually won’t count! This feature should work, whether it’s a nightly sleep or a long nap during the day.

If you have a tip to get this feature working that we didn’t cover, please let us know to pay it forward.

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