This Bathroom mat measures your weight, body composition, posture, balance and more

smart bathroom mat

Is it a mat or a scale? Both : ) The smart bathroom mat from bBalance does way more than a typical bathroom mat. This Matscale can measure your body weight, body composition, posture, and balance.

Healthtech company Baracoda announced today that it has also integrated an innovative coaching experience into its BBalance Matscale. 

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The smart bathmat’s companion app on your iPhone and Apple Watch guides you through the experience. The Matscale measures your balance, analyzes your center of gravity and pressure. By observing balance and posture over time, it’s software can detect minor changes and predict fall risk for elderly people.Apple Health bathroom mat

The new coaching experience offered for this smart bathmat features a collection of short exercises that are based on the user’s profile and is accompanied by live feedback. Majority of these exercises focus in improving balance, strengthen lower leg muscles and increase joint flexibility, according to the company.

“Every scale measures weight, but maintaining good health is about more than one number – it’s about finding balance,” said Jean Marc Druesne, CEO, BBalance. “Regardless of whether you’re excited about new health metrics or you normally hate stepping on a scale, BBalance helps each person focus on the measures that are important to their specific health objective, so they can live a more body-positive life.”

Covered in a washable, 100% cotton luxury cover, the smart bathmat combines its patented pressure mapping technology leveraging 2,800 sensors with artificial intelligence to recognize each family member, supporting up to 100+ unique users that weigh from 11 to 440 pounds. Data is stored in a GDPR-compliant cloud that has earned HDS (Hébergeur de Données de Santé) certification from the French government as private and secure.

The bathroom mat measures 31.9×22 in (810x560mm). The best place for your BBalance is in front of your sink and bathroom mirror or just outside your shower or bath. The BBalance mat can be machine-washed as a normal bath mat at 40°C but should not be machine-dried or bleached. The tech device is also water-resistant so you can clean it as well

The new smart bathmat will be available at a retail price of $349 but is currently available for order for $299 for a limited time on the company’s site. The product also comes with a 2 year warranty against defects. 

if you are looking for a smart scale to start this new year, this might be a product to check out!


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