10 best Google Fit compatible smart scales for any budget

Quardio base 2

If you track your exercise and nutrition using the Google Fit app, it may be worth your time to look into some of the best smart scales compatible with Google Fit.

We’re already used to seeing every type of smartphone, smartwatch, power meter, and other types of fitness tracker these days, but smart scales are becoming increasingly popular.

The (usually) dreaded scale shouldn’t be your only means to track your fitness and health, though. It can be a great tool to add to a more comprehensive program.

Fitness wearables can’t often accurately track and display your body composition (e.g., muscle mass versus fat mass), and this is a huge marker of weightless or overall health maintenance.

Plus, smart scales go far beyond what a normal scale can. Let’s explore some of the best smart scales that you can pair directly or indirectly via a companion app with Google Fit. 

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in a hurry graphicIn a hurry? Check out our quick list of recommended Google Fit-compatible smart scales 

If you don’t have time to read through all of our reviews right now or want our recommendations without getting all the details, here are our top smart scales that integrate with Google Fit.

You can click on any of them to be taken directly to their website to learn more. 

  1. Eufy Smart Scale: Best budget option 
  2. Eufy Smart Scale P2 Pro: Fan favorite 
  3. Lepulse Household Smart Body Fat Scale: Best family option 
  4. Withings Body Cardio: The best choice for heart health tracking 
  5. QardioBase2: Our favorite high-end option
  6. Inevifit: Best scale geared towards fat loss
  7. WYZE: Most simple and straightforward to use
  8. Renpho Smart Body Scale: Best choice with multiple budget-friendly models 
  9. Etekcity Apex HR Smart Fitness Scale: The best option for customizations 
  10. Greater Goods Premium Smart Scale (V.2): Most basic smart model 

How do I use the Google Fit app with these smart scales?

Using Google Fit has become a convenient way to store all of your health data in one place. It often makes it easily sharable with family or medical providers.

You can essentially grant other apps access to sharing this data with your Google account.

Some apps may have slight variations, but in general, you can connect an app with Google Fit by:

  1. Opening that desired app (e.g., Strava, MyFitnessPal, EufyLife, etc.)
  2. Head to their Settings tab
  3. Look for an option to connect, link, or manage other apps
  4. You’ll be guided through a few simple prompts to sync the two apps, and then you’re all done!
  5. Google Fit receives your health metrics from the connected app 

Click here to view a comprehensive list of apps that syncs with Google Fit. 

Our picks for the 10 best smart scales you can pair with Google Fit


smart scale by Eufy

Eufy’s motto is “smart home simplified,” They’ve truly taken that to heart. Their array of intelligent products ranges from laser-guided robot vacuums, high-tech security systems, appliances, and – you guessed it – smart scales. 

Eufy’s standard smart scale promises to provide you with full-body insight. It measures 12 core features important for health tracking and weight loss or maintenance.

Some of these metrics include your overall weight and body fat percentage, BMI, water, muscle mass, bone density, and visceral fat. To be honest, this scale is more comprehensive than most doctors’ in-office scales. 

eufy, Smart Scale with Bluetooth, Body Fat Scale, Wireless Digital Bathroom Scale, 12 Measurements, Weight/Body Fat/BMI, Fitness Body Composition Analysis, Black/White, lbs/kg/st
  • HOLISTIC HEALTH: Instantly learn 12 insightful measurements of your body’s health, such as Weight,...
  • KNOW YOUR BODY: The EufyLife app automatically records insightful health data. Progress and health...

Though the scale only shows your weight, all other metrics are seamlessly displayed via Bluetooth connectivity in the EufyLife companion app

The app’s setup process is insanely simple. And once it’s done, you won’t have to pair it again. Make sure you’re running iOS 8.0 and Android 4.3 or later. 

In addition to just measuring your body metrics, the Eufy smart scale can accommodate up to 16 different users on one account!

It’s also an FDS-listed device, so you can count on reliable readings every time you step on it. This is all thanks to its four comprehensive sensors.

It’s also one of the best budget-friendly smart scales we’ve seen that pairs with Google Fit via its companion app. 


  • Inexpensive
  • Functional design
  • Feature-rich 


  • Not as many health metrics as other models
  • It does not offer unlimited users on the account


p2 pro smart scale

The P2 Pro is the Eufy standard smart scale’s older, cooler brother. But not by much.

This scale is still pretty reasonably priced, but it’s packed full of additional features that have added perks.

Its 16-measurement platform includes all of the ones that the standard smart scale does, but it’s got some additional metrics that include determining your body age, body type, and protein concentration. 

You can also add unlimited users to your account with this model. 

Another helpful (and fun) feature is its U-Body 3D model within the EufyLife app. This provides an accurate, visual representation of YOU. 

Having a 3D model is actually quite insightful. It can depict body fat distribution patterns and uniquely show fat loss (or muscle growth) overtime on your own personal avatar. 

3D model in eufy app

We think the P2 Pro is an excellent option for smart scales that pair with Google Fit, and with its high reviews online, so do many others. 


  • 3D model feature
  • Unlimited users for one account
  • Moderately priced


  • Some users have noted to be a bit overwhelmed with the number of different body composition metrics 


smart scale by repulse

This scale is truly a beautiful product with its large, color-rich LCD screen built directly into the scale.

Unlike many other smart scales, the Lepulse can display more than just your weight on the screen. You’re hit with all the other foundational metrics, such as your muscle mass, body water percentage, bone mass, and even your heart rate.

This is a nice feature if your phone isn’t near you. You’ll still be able to view these other measurements without opening the companion app, Fitdays.

Within the app, you can simply sync your Lepulse account with your Google Fit and see all of your health metrics in one place.

fit days app repulse

Not to worry, though, because the scale still continuously transmits this data, so your new stats are waiting patiently in the app the next time you open it. 

Scales for Body Weight and Fat, Lescale Large Display Weight Scale, High Accurate Body Fat Scale Digital Bluetooth Bathroom Scale for BMI Heart Rate, 15 Body Composition Analyzer Sync with Fitness App
  • 15 Essential Body Composition Analyzer: Scales for body weight and fat utilizes Bio-electrical...
  • Extra Large LCD Display: Different from other bathroom scales that only display weight, Our scales...

Lepulse allows you to create 24 individual accounts linked to your scale, and there is even a Baby Mode! Simply hold your youngest family member and step on the scale.

It automatically detects the added body weight and interprets that separately from your own.


  • Large, easy-to-read LCD screen directly on the scale
  • A unique feature of Baby Mode
  • 24 users can be linked to one account


  • More expensive at $89.99


smart scale by tithings

Withings is well-known in the health technology realm. Their most advanced smart scale has been praised for its advancements in monitoring your heart health.

Developed with the assistance of cardiologists, the Body Cardio has been validated by several studies throughout the EU and the US. One additional cool feature that you’ll find with this Withings model is its ability to determine Vascular Age

Our arteries are the root of our heart and vascular health. Determining one’s vascular age (e.g., assessing for vascular efficiency, clogged arteries, etc.) may help lessen the risk of developing vascular disease later on.

And this is all done using a smart scale? Yes! Thanks to advanced sensors, you’ll receive a full body composition analysis using bioelectrical impedance and a specifically-designed algorithm that helps determine this. 

Withings Body Cardio – Premium Wi-Fi Body Composition Smart Scale, Tracks Heart Health, Vascular Age, BMI, Fat, Muscle & Bone Mass, Water %, Digital Bathroom Scale with App Sync via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
  • #1 WORLDWIDE - FIRST SMART SCALE WITH CARDIO CHECK-UP. It's a one of a kind weight scale for body...
  • HEART RATE MONITOR - Get heart rate with the built-in heart monitor plus an indication of your...

The Withings Body Cardio smart scale also provides the typical biometric stats you would expect (e.g., fat mass, muscle mass, water percentage, etc.), but where it excels is truly with your heart health. 

body composition with withings

Easily connect all of this data to the Withings HealthMate app to track your progress and measurements over time. From here, you can connect to your Google Fit account and view your information there as well.

Overall, we think it’s one of the best smart scales on the market, particularly if you want to monitor your heart and vascular system more carefully.


  • High precision, tested sensors
  • 12 months of battery life
  • Able to connect the scale via WiFi, allowing you to take measurements without your phone nearby
  • Has a pregnancy, baby, and athlete mode to track differing body compositions


  • Only allows 8 users per one account
  • Expensive at $149.95


Qardiobase 2

Qardio continues to be a leading brand in health and fitness tech, and it’s no surprise that it offers one of the best smart scales out there right now. 

It’s truly a more luxurious scale (with a price to match), but it deserves that title with its feature-rich components. It also includes all of the standard features that its cheaper counterparts do (e.g., muscle mass, fat mass, bone density, water percentage, and general body composition).

QardioBase2 WiFi Smart Scale and Body Analyzer: monitor weight, BMI and body composition, easily store, track and share data. Free app for iOS, Android, Kindle. Works with Apple Health.
  • FULL BODY COMPOSITION: QardioBase2 measure your weight (lb, kg), calculates BMI and tracks changes...
  • EASY SETUP: Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connected from a free Qardio app. Works on any surface, anywhere....

It has a beautiful, large display that rotates through your stats at every weigh-in. It’s also equipped with a special Pregnancy Mode that can evaluate body composition for soon-to-be moms.

Don’t forget to connect to the Qardio Heart Health app to view your progress in greater detail. This app also allows you to sync data to Google Fit. 


  • Haptic feedback (get a gentle vibration when the reading is complete – great for the visually impaired!)
  • The entire family can be supported on one account
  • Elegant, minimalistic design


  • High retail price of $149.99


smart scale by inevifit

This brand has several different models, from Deluxe to Premium. We review the cheaper Deluxe option (Model I-BF001) to see what features you’ll get for a more economical price.

As with most smart scales, the Inevifit can track various crucial body composition metrics: 13 to be exact. You’ll get everything from total body weight to skeletal muscle, fat mass, BMI, metabolic age, and bone mass (just to name a few).

INEVIFIT EROS Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Smart BMI Highly Accurate Digital Bathroom Body Composition Analyzer with Wireless Smartphone APP 400 lbs 11.8 x 11.8 inch (Black)
  • ENJOY TRACKING YOUR FITNESS JOURNEY: This smart body composition scale tracks 13 key fitness...
  • POWERFUL FREE APP: The Eros Scale app is simple to use, supports unlimited number of profiles for...

This scale can accurately analyze these components via a bio-electrical impedance analysis that considers your age, gender, level of physical activity, height, and weight. 

Their companion app of the same name is free and seamlessly syncs to the scale for easy tracking.

Inevifit app

With unlimited users allowed, your entire family (and friends!) can use the Inevifit scale and app to track progress and share results.


  • Prices start at just $39.99
  • Unlimited users to one scale/account
  • It covers all of your basic body composition metrics


  • Lacks some of the higher-end features of more expensive scales


smart scale by Wyze

The WYZE is one of the best smart scales for those on a budget. It seems to be the most simplistic and straightforward, so you’re not going to get the dozens of features that more expensive scales can offer. 

This may also be an appealing factor for some buyers who don’t want to get caught up in the 20+ detailed body measurements.

WYZE Smart Scale for Body Weight, Wireless Digital Bathroom Scale for BMI, Body Fat Percentage, Heart Rate Monitor, Body Composition Analyzer, App, Bluetooth, 400 lb Black
  • HIGH-QUALITY: Every time you open a Wyze box, we will do everything possible to make you say, just...
  • COMPLETE BODY COMPOSITION ANALYSIS - The WYZE body weight scale measures your weight, body fat %,...

If you’re looking for a scale that still offers some beneficial body composition measurements, syncs to a companion app, but isn’t cluttered with overwhelming stats, this is a great option.

WYZE offers around 10 body composition metrics that you can measure and track. All of this information always automatically syncs to its WYZE companion app.

Wyze smart app

Eight users can be linked to one scale, but it offers unlimited sharing. Overall, it’s an excellent budget option for current smart scales on the market.


  • Budget option at $23.99
  • It covers all the basics of body composition measurements
  • Simple, straightforward, and without excess information


  • Lacks more advanced features of luxury models 


renpho smart scale

The Renpho line of smart scales are great budget options for those looking to get some nifty smart features but don’t want to be overwhelmed by loads of advanced metrics.

Renpho has three models to choose from Basic (Bluetooth only), Basic (Wifi), and Premium (Wifi). And best of all, they are all budget-friendly ranging. 

RENPHO Scale for Body Weight, Digital Weighing Scales with Body Fat and Water Weight, Smart Bluetooth Body Fat Measurement Device, Body Composition Monitor with Smart App, 396lbs
  • RENPHO has seven years of innovative technology and over 13 million users. We sell several lifestyle...
  • 13 Analysis of Main Body Composition Monitors: Including body weight, body fat percentage, BMI, bone...

We’ll be reviewing their standard basic model, but head to their website if you’d like to see a comparison list. 

This smart scale analyzes 13 body composition indexes (all the standard ones you’re thinking of and that we’ve mentioned in other reviews). 

One great feature that we don’t usually see on budget smart scales is its capability to provide unlimited user profiles. This way, your entire family can easily use the same scale and account to monitor progress.

The Renpho companion app is connected to the scale via Bluetooth. You’ll have instant access to your newest measurements right in the palm of your hand. 

renpho app

The app’s clean and bright display makes it enjoyable to look at and easy to navigate. You are, of course, able to sync to Google Fit and a handful of other popular health apps. 


  • Inexpensive option
  • Unlimited user profiles


  • Can’t connect the basic model via Wifi
  • The surface is just glass and not protected by an ITO coating 


elekcity smart scale

The Etekcity smart scale is a great middle-of-the-line model with a handful of smart features but a price that won’t break the bank. 

Offering 14 biometric measurements, this scale equips you with plenty of health and fitness statistics to keep you working towards your goals. It gets praised for its swiftness in delivering a full body composition analysis in just seconds. 

It boasts a large TFT display, rounded corners, anti-skid padding for safety, and is rechargeable via USB-C. The vibrancy and range of colors on the scale’s digital screen are truly stunning!

Etekcity Smart WiFi Body Fat Scale, FSA HSA Approved Accurate Digital Bluetooth Scale for Body Weight, Plus Health Compositon BMI, Water, Pregnancy & Baby Mode, 400 lb
  • FSA / HSA eligible
  • FIRST-RATE QUALITY: Don't settle for less. As the selling brand of body weight scales in the US,...

You are free to (and encouraged to) customize the workings of the scale. You have the option to turn on Zero-Current Mode to turn off the electrical current function if you’re pregnant – just to be safe. 

You’ll still be able to use the scale to measure your weight and BMI with Zero-Current Mode, but some of the other advanced features won’t be logged with this option turned on. 

You can also customize your user interface within the VeSync companion app. Customize which biometrics are displayed on the scale and even in what order. Using the Etekcity smart scale is a solid personalized experience. 

vesync app


  • The solid mid-budget smart scale
  • USB-C rechargeable
  • Large TFT high-resolution graphic display
  • Highly customizable 
  • Unlimited users


  • We couldn’t think of any!


smart scale by greater goods

We have another mid-range model coming your way to round out our list of reviews! This is a solid, smart scale that’s got just enough smart features to give you that high-tech feel without all the clutter that comes with some more advanced models.

With this scale, you’ll be able to track six key body metrics (weight, BMI, body fat, muscle mass, bone density, and water weight).

Greater Goods Digital Smart Scale for Body Weight | US-Based Company Powered by Superior Service & Dependable Products | (Black Bluetooth)
  • A Premium Choice: Between the design and quality, this smart scale is going to last and function at...
  • Fresh Features: The qualities you need and expect in a smart scale, and a few you had no idea you...

It supports up to eight users and connects via Bluetooth to transmit this data to its Weight Gurus app, or several third-party apps – including Google Fit. 

app for greater goods

The scale’s screen displays full results after each weigh-in, and Greater Goods boasts that its Indium Tin Oxide coating ensures the most accurate readings. 

Overall, it’s a solid product with some good core features, but it’s not the fanciest model on the market. 


  • Mid-range price
  • It covers your basic body composition metrics


  • Some may want their scale to measure more than just six metrics
  • It only allows for eight users (which may not be an issue for smaller families)

Final thoughts on the best smart scales you can pair with Google Fit

We hope you’ve found this comprehensive list helpful in highlighting some of the best smart scales linked to your Google Fit account. 

There is a scale for everyone, whether you’re looking to spend just a few dollars or willing to pay over a hundred.  Perhaps you think a smart scale is even worth it?

Weight loss, weight management, and overall health maintenance, in general, go far beyond what the number on a scale says.

For example, if athletes only relied on their BMI to determine their health, they would be significantly misrepresented because one’s BMI can’t factor in increased muscle mass for a very active person. 

Using a smart scale can provide you with so much more information that considers your fat mass versus muscle, age, gender, and activity level. Some of these scales even monitor your heart health. 

We love the idea of incorporating one of these smart scales into a regular health and fitness routine. Which one on this list would you pick?

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