The TicWatch Pro keeps track of everything while lasting for forever

Although the Apple Watch is arguably the best smartwatch on the market, other brands are trying to compete. One company is Mobvoi, which is responsible for the TicWatch Sport, S, Express, and TicWatch E/E2.

The company also offers the TicWatch Pro which includes a rather unique feature. The smartwatch actually features two different displays. Pretty unique…and awesome! TicWatch Pro screens for power savings

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TicWatch is powered by Google

Powering the smartwatch is Google’s Wear OS, but there is an extra trick up the TicWatch Pro’s sleeve. If you need to save some extra battery, there is a transparent display that shows off just the bare essentials.

TicWatch Pro Wear OS
TicWatch Pro Wear OS

As for some of the included sensors, the TicWatch Pro features just about everything you need. There is a heart rate sensor, an NFC chip for Google Pay, and GPS for fitness tracking.

All TicWatch Pros feature 1GB RAM, military standard durability, and Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3.

TicWatch Pro ‘Essential Mode’

But back to the transparent, low-power display. This is an FTSN LCD display, and sits atop the regular OLED panel. When you are using the TicWatch Pro normally, Wear OS will be in charge of handling everything.

TicWatch Pro Essential Mode

While the LCD panel is in use, Mobvoi is calling this “Essential Mode”. Various bits of information including calories burned, distance traveled, time, heart rate monitor, and others will be on display.

Using this essential mode will allow your TicWatch Pro to last for up to 30 days.

By contrast, the Wear OS mode of the Pro lasts you for up to 2 to 5 days. However, the downside of essential mode is that you will miss out on some of the best features of Google’s wearable software.

Switching between these two modes is pretty simple, although you will need to physically boot your smartwatch into Wear OS mode. Mobvoi claims this process will take up to a full minute to make the switch.

And there’s a cellular model too! The TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE

TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE smartwatch features everything in the TicWatch Pro AND the power of cellular and long battery life.

TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE smartwatch is one of the Wear OS by Google to also include cellular.

features of TicWatch Pro cellular model

Experience faster and smoother performance for all of your favorite fitness, health, and productivity features–whether near or away from your paired phone.

Cellular models are currently only available in the US, UK, and Germany. And of course, always check your region for carrier availability before purchasing.

How much is it?

On the pricing front, Mobvoi currently sells the TicWatch Pro for under $200 and the TickWatch Pro 4G/LTE for just over $200.


  1. After the ‘newnes’ has worn off 🙂 this watch should be operated in essential mode MOST of the time for excellent battery life.

    Use full OS only when really needed – e.g. to sync w/phone.

    Then, quickly revert back to ‘essential’ mode.

    For a quick switch to essential, configure (system) bottom right button to get you there.

    b.t.w. I have the Ultra model; operates like & similar specs as the Pro model. Had it for about a month and still learning something new everyday.

  2. I have the tic watch pro. Purchased around a month ago and love it.

    But ….the battery stats are a little off. I put mine on in the morning with full charge (100%) and use basic watch faces running the wear os and get nowhere near 2-5 days…more like 8-10 hours.

    By time i come home from work the watch has defaulted into essential mode with about 10% battery remaining

    • Hi Monty,

      Try this process to optimize your battery charging.

      Complete 3 total charge cycles.

      1. charge your battery to 100%, then let the watch naturally drain to 0% before you charge it

      2. Let this process occur a total of 3 times in a row. At that point, your battery life should improve

      If the problem persists, charge your watch again to 100%, take it off the charger and put it into Airplane Mode overnight.

      If the battery drops below 90% while in Airplane mode overnight, contact customer support and submit a warranty claim.


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