Top 5 Google Fit gadgets to get in 2021

One of the best things about Google fit is that it can take multiple pieces of data from multiple devices and put everything into a single place for you to see. The only problem with that is that to use Google Fit, you also need Google Fit Gadgets compatible with it.

The good thing is that there are plenty of options to choose from out there – the bad is that there are so many that you’ll have a rough time finding the best.

That’s why we decided to list our top 5 picks for you.

So, let us get right into it!

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1: Mi Band 5

In case you’re not familiar with it, the Mi Band is a basic fitness band/watch. You can use it to accurately track steps, calories, and even your heart rate.

Google fit gadgets

One of its strongest selling points is that, unlike smartwatches that can easily cost $100+, Mi Bands can generally be found for less than $50, and the Mi Band 5 is not an exception.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a cheap fitness tracker, this should be one of your first options.

And the Mi Band is not just about Fitness

Mi Bands can also connect to your smartphone and sync notifications, calls, alarms, events, app alerts, and messages.

Thanks to that, you won’t ever have to take your phone out of your pocket to check what that notification was all about.

Both the Mi Band 5 and Mi Band 4 are waterproof, and we can personally vouch for that as the MyHealthyApple team has taken the Band 4 for a swim at the beach quite a few times already.

Last but not least, you can also use a Mi Band to track your weight, find your lost phone (If it’s nearby to connect with Bluetooth), get idle alerts for when you’re a bit too lazy, track your sleep quality, track workouts, and a few more minor details. Not to mention the crazy battery life of 20+ days.

Of course, all of that can be synced with Google Fit by using the Mi Fit app.

So, for less than $50, both the Mi Band 4 and Mi Band 5 are two of the best, cheap Google Fit gadgets that we’ve ever tried, and we highly recommend them.

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2: Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 or Active 2

Samsung’s Galaxy Active 2

As we mentioned above, the Mi Band 5 is a good budget pick if you only need a basic fitness tracker.

But, for those of you who’re willing to go all out, the Galaxy Watch Active 2, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, is no doubt a better pick.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 health features
Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 3

While these smartwatches cost significantly more, they also offer a lot more features!

First things first, you’re obviously going to get all the goodies that the other affordable bands offer. These are essentials like:

  1. Step tracking
  2. Heart rate tracking
  3. Weather information
  4. Calories tracking
  5. Weight tracking
  6. Water resistance
  7. Blood Pressure and Electrocardiogram Tracking

However, there is also one massive difference between fitness bands and a full-fledged smartwatch like the Galaxy 3 or Active 2.

This is not just a tool to track your overall health. In many ways, this is an actual smartphone that you can wear on the wrist.

If you get the LTE variant, you can even make phone calls without a nearby mobile phone.

There are apps, an app store, Bixby Samsung’s virtual assistant. These Samsung smartwatches are pretty much like using any other smartphone but with less powerful hardware and fewer apps to choose from.

That said, you still get Bixby, Spotify, Google, etc. And thanks to that, you don’t even need to carry a phone with you while working out or simply taking a walk.

You can even use it for listening to music with a pair of wireless earbuds. So, overall, those looking for the complete package and are willing to spend a premium do definitely check out the Samsung Galaxy 3 or Active 2.

Just keep in mind that all this extra functionality also requires additional power.

The battery life of the Galaxy 3 or Active 2 and any other smartwatch is significantly worse compared to a fitness band. According to Samsung, you can expect to get maybe 5 days on a single charge.

Officially, the Samsung Watches only sync with S health (Samsung Health), but you can easily sync your data from your watch into Google Fit using the third-party app Health Sync.

Wondering about the differences between the Galaxy 3 and Active 2?

  • The Active 2 is slimmer and weighs less.
  • The Galaxy 3 offers more memory at 8 GB (double the Active 2) and has a rotating bezel.
  • The Active 2 offers slightly more run time, especially on the 44mm model.
  • The Galaxy 3 includes SpO2 tracking (blood oxygen) and a native voice recorder app.
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3: Withings Body+

Of all the smart things, one would think that a digital scale would be the last thing that actually needs to be smart.

Digital scales today have bells and whistles such as body fat composition metric and BMI etc., that come in handy as far as fitness tracking is concerned.

Unlike most traditional scales, smart scales can also track your fat percentage, water percentage, muscle percentage, and even your baby’s weight if you’re pregnant.

And while some traditional scales offer some of these features, none of them can track your progress and sync it automatically with your smartphone.

Google fit gadgets

A great partner with your smart scale is a smart tape measure

With the Withings Body+, everything can also be synced with Google Fit

So, assuming that you have other smart devices, we’re talking about having weight data, steps, heart rate, sleep quality, and much more than that – all in a single place.

The Withings Health Mate app syncs with Google Fit and makes it easy to integrate data from your fitness trackers such as Mi band and your smart scale into one central location for richer analysis and insights.

4: Wahoo TICKR devices

If continuous heart rate monitoring is at the top of your list, you should definitely check out the Wahoo TICKR.

Google fit gadgets

While both fitness bands and smartwatches have the ability to track your heart rate as well, there is a crucial difference: battery.

Heart rate tracking consumes a lot of energy. While a Mi Band can normally go for 20+ days, leave heart rate tracking open, and you’ll drop down to 10 days or even less depending on the frequency.

The Wahoo TICKR and TICKRx, on the other hand, can go for months with a single charge–approximately 500 hours and send your fitness and health data directly to your phone via Bluetooth or ANT+.

But, as expected, there are a couple of downsides with it:

  1. The battery is non-rechargeable.
  2. There’s no on/off button–it works when you do.
  3. Only the TICKRx has internal memory storage allowing you to train without a nearby phone.
  4. There’s no screen, so you need your phone to review your stats.

First things first, this is not a lithium-ion battery. You can not recharge. When it kicks the bucket, you’re gonna have to replace that coion-cell battery.

But that’s a small price to pay for several months of battery life on a single charge.

Secondly, unlike fitness trackers and smartwatches, the Wahoo TICKR can not work independently. It would be best if you had a smartphone to see what’s going on and track your progress.

Still, if continuous heart rate tracking with extremely long battery life is what you’re after, the Wahoo TICKR or TICKRx is one of the best Google Fit gadgets that you can get.

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For folks who don’t like wearing a chest monitor and prefer an armband, Wahoo offers the TICKRfit. Unlike the chest bands, it includes a rechargeable battery that lasts 30 hours before needing recharging.

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5: TicWatch Pro

The TicWatch Pro is another great smartwatch for fitness tracking. But, unlike the Mi Band and other cheap fitness trackers, the Mobvoi’s offering can be used almost fully independently from a smartphone thanks to the integrated GPS.

Speaking of GPS, that’s one of the main reasons this is such a great pick for workouts. Since you can track everything with the watch itself, there’s no reason to carry around a phone for a run.  

Furthermore, the watch works with Google’s Wear OS – which means that you can install tons of Android apps on it. 

Tic Watch Pro

Just don’t forget that there is no LTE or Wi-Fi connectivity. So, you’ll still need a phone to sync online and use certain apps that require internet connectivity. 

Battery life ranges anywhere from a couple of days all the way up to a month, depending on how you use the watch. 

Best Google Fit gadgets

Finally, there is also NFC for paying on the go by using Google Pay or any other compatible payment apps of your choice.

You also get Google’s voice assistant, an IP 68 waterproof rating, and all of the basic smartwatch features such as heart-rate tracking, a calorie counter, the step tracker, etc. 

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Google Fit Gadgets: FAQ FAQ frequently asked questions

What Does Google Fit Do?

If you happened to land upon this article by chance and you’re wondering what Google Fit is all about, well, it’s basically a place to track your fitness activities, weight, and also everything that’s going on with other gadgets in one place.

You can also use it on its own to manually add activities and track distance covered with your smartphone’s GPS. However, if you want to take full advantage of it, you’ll definitely also need at least a fitness band to track steps.

What Are Google Fit Heart Points?

You get a heart point for every intense activity that you perform. So, that’s a solid way of tracking how often you’re active throughout the week, month, or year.

To be more precise, Google Fit awards one heart point for moderate activities and two heart points for intense ones. However, keep in mind that these readings do not depend on heart rate readings.

What Devices Are Compatible With Google Fit?

As you already saw, pretty much all devices that have to do with fitness and have an app are fully compatible with Google Fit gadgets.

Smartwatches, fitness trackers, smart scales, heart rate trackers, and anything like that. It should work just fine.

Is Google Fit Free?

The app itself is free. The only thing you have to pay for are 3rd party devices such as smartwatches or smart scales.

Also, keep in mind that certain apps and devices may again ask for a subscription. But that has nothing to do with Google or Google Fit.

The Best Google Fit Gadgets: Wrapping Up

That’s all for now. We think that these are the best Google Fit Gadgets that most people can get. But, if you think there’s something else worthy of being mentioned in this article, please let us know about it in the comments.

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