wearOS based Ticwatch Pro 3 GPS Smartwatches get new software update

TicWatch Pro 3 GPS

Mobvoi released new software update for Ticwatch Pro 3 GPS model users today. The new firmware update includes a number of enhancements and bug fixes.

Majority of the new features introduced via this new firmware update address the ‘Essential mode’ functions.


Key Features 

1. Support adjusting the essential screen’s date format(DD-MM/MM-DD) through the Essential Mode app. 

2. Support turning on the backlight through the power button in the essential mode. 

3. Support turning off the essential screen’s auto-backlight in the Essential Mode app. 

4. Enable the notification sound (Can be adjusted in Settings –> Sound –> Ring volume).

In terms of improvements, Ticwatch Pro 3 users will be happy to know that the new update not only improves the speed of the tilt to wake screen but also improves the smoothness of sliding and improves pairing speed for Android phones.

Other improvements provided by this new update include:

1. Solved the issue where sometimes the steps in the essential mode might be partially lost after restarting.

2. Optimized the responsive area at the edge of the screen. 

3. Reduced the backlight brightness of the essential screen. 

Major bugfixes addressed by the new update include:

1. Solved the issue that the essential screen’s backlight could not be lit up by Tilt-to wake under certain circumstances. 

2. Fixed the issue that double-clicking the function key sometimes opens other apps instead of Google pay(if Google pay is available in your area).

The new Ticwatch Pro 3 GPS Update (PYDA.200427.080.MRB.210114.001) will be rolled out in phases and availability will vary between users. Most users should start seeing the update starting today and it is expected that all users will be able to access the update by 4th of Feb, 2021.

Lastly, for those of you who are planning to get a new Ticwatch for your significant other, the company is offering a 40% sale on some of its models, starting today and ending on 14th of Feb, 2021.

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