WHOOP announces the release of the new WHOOP Band 4.0. Here are its key features

Whoop 4.0 Unlocked event

The popular fitness band company, WHOOP announced its next-generation WHOOP 4.0 band at the Whoop Unlocked event in September 2021.

The Whoop platform allows users to optimize their recovery, training, and sleep monitoring with daily reporting and advanced analysis.

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Whoop’s sleep coach feature provides sleep recommendations and insights, including a detailed breakdown of sleep cycles. 

Most users love the ‘Strain’ coach feature that provides exercise level recommendations based on how recovered your body is. 

Although other bands have tried to copy the functionality via offerings such as ‘Body Battery’ or Fitbit’s new ‘daily readiness experience,’ the Whoop still happens to be the gold standard when it comes to monitoring strain and recovery.

Whoop, recently infused with new capital ($200 million from Silicon Bank at $3.6 billion valuations), has been on a hiring spree and acquired PUSH, a velocity-based training coaching solution.

At the Whoop unlocked event, CEO and Founder Will Ahmed introduced the new WHOOP 4.0 fitness band to the community.

The new Whoop 4.0 sensor module is 33 percent smaller than the third-generation Whoop and can now be attached to your clothing or you can purchase Whoop branded clothing.

Its new algorithm for the Whoop 4.0 sensor automatically detects where the Whoop is being placed and processes biometric data accordingly. 

WHOOP 4.0 Key Features

Even before the event, the features of the new band were leaked. WHOOP 4.0 Key Features

Here are some of the critical features of the new WHOOP 4.0

  1. Users can set up a haptic alarm on the strap that will wake them at optimal recovery based on their needs
  2. The new sensor suite on the Whoop 4.0 allows monitoring blood oxygen levels, skin temperature, and more. The Skin temp feature is enormous as many users used Oura and Whoop together since the 3.0 didn’t have the skin temp feature
  3. New SuperKnit bands make it easy to swap between bands, the new WHOOP body apparel, and finally, the most significant announcement!!!
  4. Wirelessly charge WHOOP with a waterproof battery pack and capture data continuously.
  5. Battery life is expected to be 5 days and is similar to 3.0

According to earlier Twitter posts made by the company on Aug 31st, WHOOP subscribers with 6 months or more left on their contract will get the new 4.0 strap for free.WHOOP 4.0 for existing customers

Other customers will need to extend their subscription or switch from monthly payments to an annual plan to get the new Whoop 4.0.

WHOOP Shared some fascinating stats today that can genuinely motivate new customers looking to get into shape.

According to stats shared by Will Ahmed today, more than 40% of WHOOP users could reduce their alcohol consumption.

34% of users reduced the amount of caffeine they drink.

44% of users were able to reduce tobacco consumption, and finally, 31% of users were able to avoid late-night meals. WHOOP indeed modifies behavior through the insights they provide on the platform.

This suggests that you don’t need to be an athlete to wear a WHOOP strap. Even ordinary folks can improve their health and wellness using the WHOOP strap and the platform.

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