Withings introduces U-scan, a hands-free digital urine lab for your home

Withings U-Scan for Apple Health

Withings announced its latest digital health product yesterday. Introducing U-scan, a small health lab that attaches securely to a toilet bowl at home and collects urine for automatic home urine analysis.

Measuring 90mm in diameter, the pebble-shaped U-Scan is designed to collect urine through a collection inlet. 

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Withing’s U-scan details

A thermal sensor in the device, upon detecting the presence of urine, activates a pump that sends the urine to an embedded test pod. The U-scan device can send the urine into multiple pods to allow for several readings at one time.

After the tests are complete, a flush of the toilet cleans the U-scan for its next analysis.

Each cartridge in the U-Scan is made of a dozen test pods containing specific types of biomarker tests. When placed in the reader, this system supports nearly limitless medical and health use cases simply by adapting the test pods.

The U-Scan battery is designed to last for up to 3 months, and each cartridge is also designed to last for 3 months.

According to Withings, “It provides an immediate snapshot of the body’s balance by monitoring and detecting a large variety of biomarkers found in urine while also offering actionable advice for health improvements.”

The U-Scan’s Cycle Sync is the first and the only automatic hormonal-based cycle-tracking solution. Personalized insights helps women build a cycle-adapted health routine without the mental load that accompanies most menstrual tracking.

U-Scan Cycle Sync enables the detection of the following biomarkers:

  • LH (Luteinizing Hormone) for precise menstrual cycle prediction & ovulation window determination
  • Specific gravity for water balance
  • pH for protein-vegetable balance

The other important test system provided by U-Scan can detect biomarkers for hydration and nutrition.

U-Scan Nutri Balance enables the detection of the following biomarkers:

  • Specific gravity for water balance
  • pH for protein-vegetable balance
  • Ketones for energy metabolism
  • Vitamin C levels

Availability of Withing’s U-scan

The company plans on making the U-Scan available in Europe starting at the end of Q2 2023 with the two consumer cartridges: Nutri Balance and Cycle Sync users.

Users can buy a U-Scan starter kit for €499.95 to get one U-Scan reader and one cartridge (Cycle Sync or Nutri Balance) that provides 3 months of testing.

Users then have a choice to subscribe to automatic refills (€29.95 monthly subscription) or buy standalone cartridges on the company’s website.

Withings has not provided a timeline for the US and the rest of the world release as of now.

A healthy person requires one or two urine sample collections a year at a doctor’s office today. It’s unclear what the daily biomarker analysis from U-Scan provides and how it helps users change/adjust their lifestyle in order to remain more healthy.

One thing that is clear, based on other Withings devices, is the results from these automatic urine lab tests sync with not only HealthMate but also the Apple Health app.


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