Can I use an GPS+Cellular model Apple Watch without purchasing a cellular plan?

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Owning an Apple Watch GPS+Cellular with its own cellular plan adds a lot of versatility to your watch. You can use it without your iPhone or WiFi access as a standalone device and take it just about anywhere and still have access to all your apps, including any streaming!

If you recently purchased or were gifted an Apple Watch GPS+Cellular or if you received an older Apple Watch from a family member upgrading theirs, you might wonder if you must buy a cellular plan and if you can use it without getting a data plan?

The good news is that yes, it is possible to use an Apple Watch Cellular+GPS model without adding a cellular plan!

So for those that purchased or received a GPS+Cellular Apple Watch, this article outlines what makes this version so different and answers many questions about how this Apple Watch model works.

Keep reading to learn more.

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What is a GPS+Cellular (LTE) Apple Watch?

The GPS+Cellular Apple Watch is the Apple Watch model that can have a cellular service plan. That is because there is a cellular radio and eSIM card installed inside the Apple Watch.

The main difference between an Apple Watch with cellular versus an Apple Watch without cellular is that with the Apple Watch GPS+Cellular model, you can call, text, and use data without a connected iPhone or WiFi access nearby.

The Apple Watch GPS+Cellular can work independently from your iPhone while the Apple Watch GPS must use your iPhone or WiFi to access data.

How do you know if your Apple Watch is a cellular model (LTE)? Digital Crown for Apple Watch cellular and GPS models

If a family or friend gifted you one of their older Apple Watches and you (or they) aren’t sure what model it is, it’s easy to check!

Take a look at your Apple Watch’s Digital Crown. If it’s outlined or filled in red, then it’s a cellular model. If you don’t see any red on the Digital Crown, it’s a GPS-only model.

To find exact Apple Watch model information, check the following:

  1. Open the Watch app on your paired iPhone.
  2. Tap the My Watch tab, then tap General > About.
  3. Locate the Model information that begins with the letter M and tap it. Watch app on iPhone Apple Watch model information
  4. You see a five-digit model number that starts with the letter A. That is your model number. 

Is a cellular data plan included in the price of a GPS+Cellular Apple Watch?

No. The data plan for the GPS+Cellular Apple Watch is not already included in the purchase price. The data plan is an extra monthly expense. A data plan for an Apple Watch costs around $10 a month and is available from various cellular service providers.

If you can afford $120/year for cellular service, you can take your Apple Watch iPhone-free and WiFi-free and still get all your important calls and texts plus stream music, podcasts, and more all on the go!

Do GPS+Cellular Apple Watches need to have their own cellular data plan?

No! An Apple Watch GPS+Cellular does not need to have a data plan to work for you. You can use a cellular Apple Watch without buying a cellular plan from your cellphone carrier!

If you don’t sign up for a cellular plan on your cellular version, you can use your watch like the GPS-only model. All you need is your iPhone near your Apple Watch or connect your Apple Watch to WiFi.

Plus, many features on the Apple Watch do not require cellular data at all.

And, of course, you can still use the watch offline without an iPhone nearby or WiFi when working out to track your exercise stats or listen to any downloaded music or podcasts downloaded to the watch.

But if you want to use apps that require internet access, you’ll need to connect your Apple Watch to nearby WiFi or have your paired iPhone nearby.

If you don’t want to carry your iPhone or have WiFi, then adding an LTE plan may be a good option.

What features won’t work if I don’t purchase a cellular data plan for my Apple Watch and my iPhone or WiFi isn’t nearby?

When your iPhone isn’t nearby, or a WiFi connection isn’t available, your Apple Watch is quite limited without a cellular plan.

These features won’t work if your watch is away from your iPhone or not connected to WiFi: Siri, iMessage, Phone Calls, Weather, Stocks, Home Control, Find Your Friends, Reminders, Podcasts, Apple Music streaming, Walkie Talkie, etc. Basically, any app that requires an internet connection won’t work.

However, you do not need the LTE plan for these apps to work. All you have to do is pair your Apple Watch to your nearby iPhone or connect your watch to WiFi.

Can I still send text messages from my Apple Watch if I don’t purchase a data plan?

Yes! As long as your iPhone is nearby or your Apple Watch is connected to WiFi, you can send and receive text messages using your Apple Watch.

Do I need to activate the data plan?

If you want the data plan on your Apple Watch, then yes. You won’t start paying for the service unit you activate the service.

If you do not want the data plan on the Apple Watch, then no. Your Apple Watch will still work just fine. All you need to do is keep your iPhone nearby or connect the Apple Watch to WiFi.

Can I use an Apple Watch GPS+Cellular without pairing it to an iPhone? Apple Watch Family Setup

Yes, you can use an Apple Watch cellular model (Series 4 and above) if you don’t have an iPhone as long as an organizer or parent/guardian in your family sharing plan has an iPhone.

Apple calls this standalone option Family Setup. It allows a family organizer or parent/guardian with an iPhone to set up an Apple Watch for children or older adults in their family sharing group.

With Apple’s family setup, the watch connects to its own cellular data plan and gets its own mobile service, phone number, and account. Not all carriers support family setup data plans–see this Apple document to learn what carriers work.

To use an Apple Watch GPS+Cellular without a paired iPhone, your family member (organizer or parent) with an iPhone must first set up that watch as a standalone device using their iPhone. Once your watch is set up, you can use it!

However, Apple does disable some features for watches in Family Setup, including health data sharing, respiratory rate, irregular heart rhythm notifications, ECG, Cycle Tracking, Sleep, Blood Oxygen, Podcasts, Remote, News, Home, Shortcuts, and Apple Pay using a credit, debit, or transit card in the Wallet app.

Can I use a different carrier for my Apple Watch’s cellular data plan?

Your iPhone and Apple Watch GPS+Cellular must use the same carrier.

However, if you set up an Apple Watch GPS+Cellular model for a family member using Apple’s family setup, that watch can use a different carrier than your iPhone.

Does my Apple Watch GPS+Cellular have a different phone number than my iPhone?

If you activate a cellular plan on your Apple Watch GPS+Cellular, your paired iPhone’s number is shared with your Apple Watch. Although you see a different phone number for your Apple Watch in your watch’s settings, this number is for billing purposes.

Starting with iOS 14 and watchOS 7, you can also set up GPS+Cellular Apple Watches in standalone mode using Family Setup–that don’t require a paired iPhone. Standalone Apple Watches get their own phone number since they are not paired with an iPhone.

Any Apple Watch set-up with family Setup does not share the phone number of the iPhone used to set it up.

To see the phone number(s) assigned to your family’s Apple Watch(s) after setting up cellular service, go to Settings on the watch, then tap Phone.

What are the differences between the GPS+Cellular Apple Watch and GPS-only Apple Watch?

Each series of the Apple Watch comes out with a cellular version and a GPS-only version. The LTE Apple Watch is the cellular data version.

Because the cellular Apple Watch has the cellular radio and eSIM card installed, this model is slightly more expensive than the GPS-only model.

The only difference between the GPS+Cellular and GPS-only Apple Watch is that the GPS+Cellular Apple Watch can have its own cellular data plan.

Can I add a data plan to a GPS-only Apple Watch?

No. Since the GPS-only Apple Watch model does not have the cellular radio or eSIM installed, it is impossible to add a data plan to this model.


If you end up with a GPS+Cellular Apple Watch, there’s no need to sweat. It works just the same as any other Apple Watch.

The only differences are that you can add a data plan to it, and you do not need to have your iPhone nearby to use some apps and services.

But other than that, there is no real difference between the two model types. If you have any other questions about your Apple Watch, feel free to reach out to us in the comments below!

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