Apple Mobility Metrics and Healthkit data iOS 14

Apple introduces new Mobility Metrics and other key HealthKit data with iOS 14 and...

The new HealthKit in Apple’s latest iPhone operating system offers exciting features for both users and developers. “We’re energized by the positive impact Apple Watch...
Apple Watch Handwashing feature

Apple Watch Handwashing feature, here’s what you should know

One of Apple's most relevant feature introductions in these days and times is the Handwashing app on the Apple Watch.  With watchOS 7, Apple Watch automatically detects...
health app iOS 14

What is the new Health Checklist feature from Apple all about?

iOS' Health Checklist makes managing all your iPhone's health features in one central place. It's now easier than ever to track and manage your health and safety features. Plus, you get a quick snapshot of what health features you enabled on your iPhone and Apple Watch. So it's simple to turn them on or off from the health checklist.
Fitness watch face apple watch

Apple Watch Faces missing or disappeared? Try these steps

Have the Apple Watch Faces gone missing from your device? Basic unpairing and re-pairing unable to recover? Check these steps.
Activity rings on Apple Watch

Customize Apple Watch units of measurements using the Watch and Health apps

Learn how to change Apple Watch units of measurement as well as how to enter your body measurements into Apple Health app in iOS 14+
watchOS 7 health and fitness

Apple introduces new Health and Fitness features via iOS 14 and watchOS 7

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that health could be an area where Apple makes a big play in an interview with CNBC in 2019. "If...
How to customize Apple Watch workout metrics

Easily customize Workout Metrics on your Apple Watch

Discover the ways you can customize your workout metrics for your Apple Watch for each workout and learn how to evaluate VO2 Max metrics
prototype of Mudra Band for Apple Watch

Mudra Band introduces cool gesture controls for your Apple Watch

The Mudra Band brings additional gesture controls to your Apple Watch, all from the watch’s band.
iOS Health app symptoms

Apple’s Health App adds new ’Symptoms’ in iOS 13.6

Apple released a new iOS update, iOS 13.6, to its developers today. In this latest update, Apple has updated the app to include a...
apple health metrics on iPhone and watch

Apple Watch and NeuroCoach app to help improve spinal surgical care

There have been plenty of good outcomes when Apple and Stanford have collaborated in the past. In particular, the Stanford heart study proved that...