Apple Watch not reading heart rate? Here’s the fix.

Apple watch resting heart rate

Many users noticed that after the latest iOS update, their Apple Watch was having several issues with the heart rate feature. From Apple Watch not reading heart rate to heart rate not recording, there have been many issues.

Is this due to a bug in the Apple Watch’s programming? Or is there an issue with the device itself? Keep reading to see what applies to your situation.

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Is your heart rate not showing up on your Apple Watch face?

heart rate complication apple watch
Many watch faces on the Apple Watch display your heart rate in real-time.

If your heart rate is not showing up on your Apple Watch face complication, then the first thing you need to do is check to see if Background App Refresh is on for Heart Rate. 

turn apple watch's background app refresh for some apps

  1. To turn on Background App Refresh, open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Select General and tap on Background App Refresh.

    turn on heart rate background app refresh
     Here you can see Background App Refresh is on for Heart Rate.
  3. Then, scroll down to make sure that the Heart Rate option is on.

If Background App Refresh is on, then the next thing you need to check is to see if you have Power Saving Mode during workouts enabled. 

  1. To check this, open the Settings app on your Apple Watch.
  2. Then, you have to scroll down to Workout, tap it, and ensure that Power Saving Mode is off. 

If you have checked both of these settings and they are correct, the next step you need to do is reboot your Apple Watch. force restart an apple watch

  • To reboot your Apple Watch, press and hold down both the crown and side buttons until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • Let your watch reboot for a minute. Once it is up and running, check to see if your heart rate complication is working.

Heart Rate not recording data during workout

monitor heart rate with Apple Watch

If your Apple Watch is not recording your heart rate during a workout, there’s a simple fix for this.

First, check to see how your watch band fits.

Is it too loose? Too tight? For your Apple Watch to check your heart rate, the sensor needs to connect with your skin.

So make sure your watch band fits just right. If it is too loose, the sensor won’t be able to record your heart rate.

But if your watch fits perfectly, then go ahead and restart your Apple Watch.

After your watch restarts, go check to see if it records your heart rate during a workout.

If your Apple Watch still isn’t recording your heart rate during a workout, then let’s check your iPhone’s privacy settings.Apple Watch heart rate tracking privacy settings on iPhone

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone, and scroll down to Privacy.
  2. Scroll down to Motion & Fitness and make sure that both Fitness Tracking and Health are on. 

Once you make sure those settings are on, open the Watch app on your iPhone. 

  1. First, you want to check to see if Workout Power Saving Mode is on. If it is, you need to turn it off. To do so, scroll down to Workout and if it is on, turn it off.
  2. Next, you want to check if Heart Rate and Fitness Tracking are on. Go to the Privacy tab and confirm those features are on. Apple Watch privacy settings for heart rate and fitness tracking
  3. Lastly, make sure Wrist Detection is on. Go to Passcode and make sure that it is on. 
wrist detection apple watch settings app
Wrist Detection automatically locks your Apple Watch when you’re not wearing it.

If any of those settings were incorrect, that is most likely the reason why your Apple Watch was not recording your heart rate.

But if those settings are correct and you’re still having issues with the heart rate feature, the problem might be with your sensor. 

Is the issue with your Apple Watch’s sensor?

If you have tried all of our previous suggestions on fixing your Apple Watch’s heart rate, then the issue may be with your watch’s sensor.

The sensor is on the back of the watch itself. In the past, you may have noticed a green or red light there from time to time. That’s the sensor! sensors on the back of Apple Watch Series 6

To check to see if the sensor is working, you should first check your heart rate in the Heart Rate app.

If everything looks normal, the issue might be due to the delay from the Workout app. 

But if the Heart Rate chart is inconsistent, then the issue is definitely due to the sensor.

Try cleaning the watch’s sensors 

Before you do anything drastic, try giving your watch and its sensor a good cleaning.

The best way to clean your Apple Watch is to wipe it with a nonabrasive, lint-free cloth. You can lightly dampen the cloth with some water, a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipe, or Clorox Disinfecting wipe.

All you need a little bit of water to clean your watch. You should not use soap or other cleaning products to clean your Apple Watch. While you’re at it, you might as well clean your watch band too!

If it’s cold outside

Something to keep in mind is that, according to Apple, cold weather can make your heart rate readings unreliable.

So if you have issues during the colder days, that could be why. If this happens, try wearing something warmer when you do your workout. 

If you are still having issues after that, unpairing and re-pairing also seem to help.

Final thoughts

I hope your watch is now tracking your heart rate! 

It’s always best to run a few tests to make sure, so wear your watch for a few days and nights and take a look at the Health app to see if the data is there. 

If everything looks good, don’t forget to turn on notifications for things like high heart rate! You can even set notifications for low heart rate or get irregular rhythm notifications (depending on local support for these features.)

If your watch continues to have problems getting your heart rate or the data it outputs doesn’t look right, contact Apple Support or visit a nearby Apple Store for further assistance.

And if you have a tip we didn’t cover, please consider letting us know in the comments so we can pay it forward and share it with our readers. 

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