How to find, set, or change your Fitbit username, nickname, and ID

How to find, set, or change your Fitbit username and ID

Want or need to change your Fitbit username or nickname but can't figure out just how to do that? We list the ways to set, find, or change it
warranty for Fitbit

How do I get my Fitbit repaired or replaced under warranty?

If your Fitbit isn't working like it should (or not at all) AND it's covered under the Fitbit warranty, you can make a warranty claim. The trick is to...
Garin Connect app down and server outages

Garmin Connect not working? Fix it now

Garmin Connect not working? Unable to log in into Garmin Connect or is the app freezing or crashing on your Phone? Fix it now by checking these tips.
Clear all notifications feature on watchOS 7

Where is Clear all Notifications feature on watchOS 7

Apple’s new watchOS 7 update has removed the familiar long-press or Force tap feature from the Apple Watch. This used to be one of...
Activity App keeps Crashing on iPhone how to fix

Activity or Fitness App keeps crashing on iPhone ? Here’s what you can do

The Activity app or Fitness App is one of the most important apps for fitness enthusiasts in the Apple community as it helps them...
in-app Fitbit customer support

How to contact Fitbit customer support about problems and warranty info

Need to speak to an actual person but can't find the customer support number, email address, or live chat options? Learn how to reach Fitbit Support
Apple Watch home screen with shortcuts app

Create your own Apple Watch Shortcuts and pair with your exercise routine

The Shortcuts app on Apple Watch lets you quickly get a task done with just a tap inside the app or as a complication on...
Fitbit Inspire HR band irritation and rash

Fitbit irritating your skin or causing a rash? Let’s fix it!

Can a Fitbit cause skin irritation or rashes? Unfortunately, yes. Learn how to prevent your Fitbit from causing skin issues with our top tips
Apple Watch Handwashing feature

Apple Watch Handwashing feature, here’s what you should know

One of Apple's most relevant feature introductions in these days and times is the Handwashing app on the Apple Watch.  Your Apple Watch automatically detects when...
health app iOS 14

What is the Health Checklist feature from Apple all about?

iOS' Health Checklist makes managing all your iPhone's health features in one central place. It's now easier than ever to track and manage your health and safety features. Plus, you get a quick snapshot of what health features you enabled on your iPhone and Apple Watch. So it's simple to turn them on or off from the health checklist.



complication for sunrise and sunset on Apple Watch

Apple Watch sunrise and sunset complication not working and showing time?...

If you're like me, you love seeing the time of your local sunrise or sunset on your Apple Watch. It's a great way to...