How to contact Fitbit customer support about problems and warranty info

in-app Fitbit customer support

Having a problem with your Fitbit that you just can’t figure out on your own? Want to reach out to Fitbit’s customer support team to assist you? Need to speak to an actual person but can’t find the customer support number, email address, or live chat options?

The good news is that Fitbit offers a lot of options to contact its customer support groups. And we are outlining them all here!

So let’s get started.

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Try the Fitbit Community Fitbit community logo

If you like doing it yourself, you might want to check out what other Fitbit users have to say using the Fitbit Community website.

The Fitbit Community is a user forum where regular Fitbit device users exchange troubleshooting tips, fixes, complaints, advice, and so forth.

If you don’t like reading through a lot of information to find a possible answer, the community might not be the best fit for you. But, if you enjoy testing things out and have time to try different things, the Fitbit community is a good place to start before trying to get in contact with Fitbit’s official support team.

Do this before you contact Fitbit Support

  1. Make sure you verify your Fitbit warranty coverage
    1. For US customers, this is 1 year and for EU customers 2 years from the date of purchase for new products and 90 days for refurbished devices
  2. Have the serial number for your device available
  3. Know your Fitbit account details, including the email associated with the Fitbit app and your device
How to contact Fitbit Help, Fitbit’s customer service department
Fitbit recommends you use either their Live Chat or Twitter option for the fastest service. Phone service is available as well but within a limited-service schedule.
Other support options include emailing Fitbit support directly or contacting Fitbit using Facebook and Messenger.

Using Fitbit’s app

If you own a Fitbit device, it’s highly likely that you use the Fitbit app on a supported mobile device, like your Android smartphone or Apple iPhone. So why not start there to get some assistance!

  1. Open the Fitbit app on a device you sync with
  2. At the top, tap your profile picture or icon
  3. Scroll down and choose Help help section in Fitbit app
  4. Tap Contact Customer Support customer service in fitbit app
  5. Choose @FitbitSupport to open Twitter and send Fitbit’s customer service a tweet about your issue. Fitbit says someone should reply to your tweet within 6 hours or less fitbit support and community within the fitbit app
  6. Another option is to select Fitbit Community, where other users post questions and answers in a user-driven forum. Try searching for your issue and see what other Fitbit wearers have to say!

Fitbit’s live chat feature

Probably our favorite way to reach out to Fitbit Help (or any company) is via Live Chat. Fitbit Live Chat form

Fill out the details of the form, including your name, the email address you use with your Fitbit account, device type, and issue. Then, press Request Chat, and a confirmation screen lists your place in line for the next available agent. position in Fitbit Live Chat line

When you live chat with Fitbit Help, that conversation is always private (unlike Twitter.) Once Live Chat is available, you communicate with the agent via the chatbox and press Send. Chatbox for fitbit live chat

You can save or end the chat at any point by tapping the upper buttons in the chat window.

At the end of every Live Chat session, you also have the option to download the transcript of your entire chat as reference (unlike a phone call.) download Fitbit Live Chat transcript

In the US, Fitbit supports Live Chat 24/7. However, for the rest of the world, Fitbit does not offer 24-hour Live Chat service.

However, if you see the Live Chat option active (not grayed out) and it says start a chat with us now on this support page, then Live Chat is open for your questions! Is Fitbit Live Chat available

Live chatting with Fitbit’s customer support is often the fastest way to reach someone at Fitbit.

If you experience problems with Live Chat, your next best option is Twitter.

Use Twitter to send an instant message to Fitbit Twitter for Fitbit support

Twitter is one of Fitbit’s preferred ways to get help. Just open Twitter and type in and then send your message and any supporting photos to @FitbitSupport. Tweet your issue to Fitbit Twitter account

Just be mindful that your tweet is public, not private. If you want to send private communication, use Fitbit’s Live Chat, call Fitbit support, or send an email.

When you tweet @FitbitSupport, you normally receive a reply within 6 hours.

Fitbit’s support team can then provide you guidance, links to support articles and how-tos, set-up a private message catch, and if needed, create a unique case for you to get further technical support. response for Fitbit on Twitter to send a private message

Contact Fitbit using Facebook & Facebook Messenger

If you frequently use social media to reach customer service, you can also contact Fitbit via its Facebook page and/or send a message with Facebook Messenger. Fitbit's Facebook and Facebook Messenger page

Fitbit does not currently offer a Facebook page for support issues only, so when you contact Fitbit via Facebook, you reach the general Fitbit page.

Ways to reach Fitbit via Facebook including sending a message using the Send Message or Message button or submit a comment on a particular post.

Similar to Twitter, when you send communications to Fitbit via Facebook and Messenger, those messages are public, not private. Reach Fitbit via Facebook Messenger

Response times when using Facebook and Messenger are about 1 day. If you’re looking for faster service, try Twitter or use Fitbit’s Live Chat feature.

Want Fitbit’s 800 number? How to call Fitbit’s customer support service

Want to talk to a real person about your Fitbit issue right now? Calling Fitbit’s customer service is the way to go since quite a lot of people prefer to talk with someone.

Plus, all of your phone calls to Fitbit Help are private!

Fitbit customer support phone number

Call 877-623-4997 to reach a person at Fitbit support for the US and 0800 069 8505 in the UK

For other countries, change the country listing to your own to get specific information for your region. Find this information at the bottom of the support page. change Fitbit support for your country or region

Unfortunately, not all countries offer Fitbit phone support.

And Fitbit’s phone customer service does not provide assistance 7 days a week and is only open Monday through Friday between 4:00 AM – 9:00 PM Pacific Time (USA).

Currently, phone support is not open over the weekend when many people have the time available to call.

How to contact Fitbit Help and customer support by email

If your issue is not urgent or you are okay waiting for a few days, then sending an email is a good way to reach Fitbit’s support team.

Fitbit’s support’s email address is or

You can also fill out this Fitbit help form with your information, email, a description of your issue, and attach any photos documenting the problem (if applicable.) how to email Fitbit support

What we like about email is that you can easily attach images of what’s going on to help explain your problem.

The estimated reply time from sending an email is 2 days.

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