How to share your custom Apple Watch Workouts with friends, family, and clients

Apple Watch Workouts app create a routine to share

Apple is regularly adding new features and improving existing features for the workout app for its Apple Watch. Starting in watchOS10, you can now share your pacer and other custom workouts with your friends, family, or clients.

Additionally, watchOS10 allows third-party apps to import workouts into the Apple Watch Workouts app! This is big.

Apple added a Custom Workout API called WorkoutKit that allows third-party apps to create custom workout routines that you can add directly to the Workout app on Apple Watch. This means you can create Custom Workouts in other fitness and training apps that you then import directly into the Workout app on your Apple Watch–without needing a separate Apple Watch app!

And with the Workout Mirroring API, third-party apps can also mirror metrics from your Apple Watch to your paired iPhone in real-time.

Apple’s watchOS10 now makes it easy to share all kinds of workouts with your friends and family and makes it super easy for trainers to send out personalized workouts to their trainees.

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How to share your Workouts using the Apple Watch Workouts app

  1. Open the Workout app on your Apple Watch.
  2. Scroll through the activity list and choose a workout type.  In this example, we chose Traditional Strength Training. Tap on the More button (…) in the right-hand corner of the activity. Workouts app More button Apple Watch
  3. Scroll down and tap on Create Workout to add your new workout. Apple Watch Workouts app create workout option
  4. Choose Custom. Custom workout routine Apple Watch Workouts app
  5. Add or skip goals for Warmup and Cooldown. You can choose a timed goal or an open goal. Apple Watch Workouts app create new custom workout
  6. Tap Add to set goals for Work and Recovery. Apple Watch Workouts app custom options for work, recovery, and repeats
    1. You can choose a timed goal or an open goal. Open or Time goal for Workouts app Apple Watch
    2. Tapping Repeat lets you repeat your work or recovery goals.
  7. Scroll down to Custom Title and name your routine. Custom title for Apple Watch Workouts app custom workout
  8. Scroll all the way to the bottom and tap Create Workout to save it. Create workout button in Apple Watch Workouts app
  9. Once saved, tap the Pencil Edit icon. Edit a custom workout in Apple Watch Workouts app
  10. Scroll down and select Send Workout. Start, Send and Share, or Delete custom workout from Apple Watch Workouts app
    1. You can also start your workout or delete it.
  11. Tap a listed contact or scroll further down and select Messages or Mail. Apple Watch Workouts app share and send a custom workout
  12. Choose your contact(s.) Share a custom workout from the Apple Watch Workouts app
  13. Next, tap on ‘Check out this workout’, edit the message if you want, and tap Send.

That’s it. Your trainee or friend can now use the workout you created from scratch. The recipient gets the details depending on the type of workout you share. 

For example, you can share a ‘Pacer’ workout for Running and ask your friend to beat it, igniting a competition. Overall, the sharing feature is a good step in that it helps users to nudge their friends and family with some motivation!!

Can I share a race route from my area using my Apple Watch?

Unfortunately, No.

The Race Route feature on the Apple Watch is a clever feature that provides you the ability to race a route you’ve already completed.

If you regularly run or cycle the same route, you can race against your last or best result when using the Outdoor Run or Outdoor Cycle workout. Race Route only lets you compete against yourself (your own record) for your best time running or biking the same route.

When you complete an outdoor run or cycle, the distance, time, and route data are securely saved on your iPhone. If you go on the same route again, the iPhone detects it’s the same route, displays a workout view comparing your current run with the last one, and alerts you if you go off course.

Unfortunately, this was one of the workout types where one cannot share. It is possible that Apple will open sharing for this down the road or may not allow users for privacy reasons.

It would be nice to share their Race Routes with others from the same area so that there is a little fun competition of sorts. For now, Strava is still the way to go.

Final thoughts Apple Watch Workouts app import a workout from third party app Training Peaks

Sharing workouts with your friends, family, or clients has never been easier using the Apple Watch and the Workouts app.

You can create a custom routine using the Workouts app and share it directly from the app.

Or you can share custom workout plans from third-party coaching apps like TrainingPeaks and then import them directly into the Apple Watch’s Workout app! 

We hope you enjoyed this short article. Please let us know if you have a favorite Apple Watch tip or two that you would like to share with the readers using the comments below.

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