Latest wearOS update adds Gboard features to your Smartwatch

wearOS Gboard update

wearOS latest update is bringing new Gboard features to your smartwatch. This will make it conducive for easier and faster messaging directly from your smartwatch.

Google announced these new wearOS features today. You can now text from your smartwatch using the QWERTY keyboard or use gesture input. There is also a new hands-free voice input for accessibility.

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Here are the details announced by Google today regarding these features:

  • Message the way you want to: Gboard supports multiple input methods so you can communicate whichever way you like. Text using the QWERTY keyboard and gesture input, or use voice input for a hands-free approach. And when things just can’t be expressed in words, the integrated emoji palette comes in handy.
  • Enhanced suggestions and corrections: Scrollable word suggestions provide more options when you’re texting, so you can find that perfect word you’re looking for. The preview screen allows you to review and edit your message, with suggestions and corrections presented to you.
  • Multi-language support: You can easily switch between keyboard languages directly from Gboard. While typing, simply tap the language shortcut at the bottom of the screen to choose which language the keyboard appears in. *Gboard will support all languages supported by Wear OS. By default, Gboard will be in the same language as the watch system, but users can change and add languages by long pressing the spacebar.

These new changes will be available to the Wear OS Community in the coming days. These new changes come as a part of the planned Spring release that Google had announced. We can also expect additional changes to be announced during the Google I/O conference on May 18th.

Fossil Gen 5 users, who updated their smartwatch to the latest H MR2 update last week should look forward to newer updates to the wearOS this week.

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