How to stop Fitbit health and wellness related notifications

Stop Fitbit health and wellness messages

Getting tired of the drink more water messages on your Fitbit? Several Fitbit users have complained that they would like to stop seeing health and wellness-related notifications on their devices.

Whether it’s a reminder or message to drink more water or take a breather, it works for many people. Still, for many others, it’s annoying, especially when you get a series of these reminders one after another.


There is an easy way to customize your Fitbit setting and completely pause all the health and wellness-related notifications or selectively enable some of these notifications.

To stop these Fitbit wellness-related messages:

Stop Fitbit Health and Wellness Notifications

  1. Open the Fitbit app on your mobile device
  2. Tap your profile picture or icon Fitbit app profile picture or icon
  3. Choose your Fitbit device’s image  
    Where is fitbit health and wellness reminders in app
  4. Tap on Health & Wellness RemindersDisable Fitbit Health and wellness reminders
  5. Disable selectively or all the health and wellness reminders from here

Fitbit provides users with the following notification-related features:

  1. Get your heart pumping for activity 
  2. Moment of Mindfulness
  3. Nutrition and 
  4. Wellness

In my case, I have enabled only the notification for activity and have disabled the rest to reduce the number of notifications that come through.

Turn off the reminders to move on your Fitbit

In the Fitbit app

    1. Navigate to the Fitbit app’s Today tab fitbit app today tab
    2. Choose the hourly activity tile Fitbit app hourly active tile
    3. Tap the Settings gear icon  > turn Reminders to Move off turn off Fitbit app reminders to move

You can also change this from your online Fitbit dashboard by choosing the Settings gear icon, selecting your Fitbit device image, and locating Reminders to Move. Then turn them off.

Are your health and wellness notifications missing on the Fitbit app?

Users who may have received their Fitbit as a part of their company/employer health initiative may not have the option to disable the feature.

If you are not seeing the ‘health and wellness reminders’ option on your app, try to update your Fitbit to the latest software, restart your Versa, and check if it shows up in the app.

If you are a Fitbit premium user, you will find a wellness report within the Discover tab in the Health and Fitness section, which is way more informative. Fitbit premium wellness report

You can review the report regularly (weekly) and take action, such as setting up reminders to improve the areas you want to focus on.


Do you find these health and wellness notifications or reminders helpful on your Fitbit Versa, or are you annoyed by the randomness of it? We want to hear your input.

The rationale behind these notifications is really well-intended, but perhaps it could use some other mechanisms for delivery.

We would love to see Fitbit implement a way for users to customize when the app delivers notifications. What do you think?

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