Peloton isn’t syncing with Strava? Let’s fix it!

Strava auto post from Peloton

If you’re an avid cyclist, you’ve likely heard of both Peloton and Strava before – two social fitness leaders in the cycling world. Have you ever found that your Peloton isn’t syncing with Strava?

As with most fitness tech today, you occasionally see that your gadgets aren’t pairing and sharing data as they should. We’ll help you troubleshoot this below if you’ve ever been in a situation where your Peloton isn’t syncing with Strava.

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Strava and Peloton basics

Strava is a social fitness app that allows you to track and record your cycling or running routes. Use it to log distances and speed to compete against yourself or other users.

Strava connects millions of athletes worldwide and has become widely well-known in the cycling and running realm.

The Peloton Bike (and Tread) has taken the cycling and running world by storm in recent years. Peloton delivers the ultimate home workouts by offering live and on-demand classes that allow you to get that group fitness feel.

Peloton bike and Strava syncing

Regardless if you’re training outdoors or just in your garage, every workout session should count! This is why Peloton has partnered with Strava so you can log your stationary rides or runs within the app.

How to automatically connect and sync your Peloton bike with Strava 

  1. You need to first join Strava by downloading the free app and creating an account

Strava app on iPhone

  1. Next, login or create a new Peloton account
  2. Choose your Profile or sign in to your account on the Peloton Bike
  3. Tap the three dots Settings button on your bike’s screen near the bottom right corner Three Dot button on Peloton Bike Home Screen
  4. From the navigation menu, select Profile > Social > Strava > Connected Strava connected to Peloton
  5. Enter your Strava account’s email and password
  6. Select Upload activities to your Profile to allow Peloton to sync future workouts with Strava automatically

You have now successfully paired your Peloton Bike to your Strava account. This option automatically syncs all of your future workouts. It does not sync your past workouts. strava app shows workout from Peloton

If, for some reason, you find that your Peloton isn’t syncing with Strava, go back and double-check that you correctly enabled each step in sequential order. We also provide a general troubleshooting section at the end of this article with additional tips.

How to sync individual workouts on your Peloton Bike older Peloton bike display screen

You can always go back into your settings and change your syncing preferences. If you no longer wish to sync your activities automatically, head back to Profile> Settings > Social > and deselect Automatically post my rides to Strava. Peloton and Strava stop posting rides to Strava

Once you have deselected this, you have two options to sync your workouts individually, when you want.

  1. After completing a ride or a run on your Peloton, you’ll see your workout summary where you can tap Share > Share to Strava. Peloton share ride with Strava
  2. Or you can go to the bottom left of your dashboard and tap account> Workout History. Peloton workout history on bike screen
    1. Then, select the activity you want to sync > Share > Strava.

To date, you can only share your workout stats with Strava when using a home Bike or Tread. This option is not yet available when riding at a Peloton Studio.

But Peloton has assured us they are working on this, so check their site regularly for updates on this feature.

The Peloton Digital subscription and Strava Digital app by Peloton

Peloton’s Digital subscription is an app that allows anyone with a mobile device to access thousands of live and on-demand classes with or without equipment.

You don’t need a Peloton Bike to use the Peloton Digital app. Activities available on Peloton Digital

As with most fitness enthusiasts, tracking and logging your workouts is an essential (and fun) part of your training. Many users of Peloton Digital have come across the issue of trying to sync these workouts to Strava.

Many online forums have voiced frustration that the Digital app from Peloton isn’t syncing with Strava. The inability to directly sync these digital rides (as you would using a Peloton Bike) is somewhat of a setback, but there are a few workarounds to this.

Borrow a bike for a one-time login

The first option is to complete a one-time login on a friend’s, family member’s, or local gym’s Peloton bike (or even a ). Some readers used the bikes at a Peloton sales shop to complete this process.

Remember to log into your account using the same username and password associated with your Peloton membership.

But don’t register the bike to your account–it should already be registered with the owner (person or business.) Registration is different than logging in with your account.

And don’t forget to log out of your account after your workout!Peloton bike add rider

Go through the process that we mention above to pair this Peloton bike with your Strava account.

This enables a sort of “Strava integration” with the Peloton Digital app. Once you’ve completed your workout, check to see that your data has been recorded with Strava.

You can then log out of your account on that bike, and your future workouts using Peloton Digital should auto-upload to Strava.

Use a third-party app

Downloading an additional fitness app can be that bridge between Peloton Digital and Strava. A bit of an inconvenience, yes, but if you’re keen on doing the workouts that the Peloton Digital subscription provides, this could be an option to sync your stats.

A common third-party app that has been listed on several Peloton forums is HealthFit. This app takes the workout you log in Peloton Digital and upload it to whatever platform you choose. In this case, you can sync it straight to Strava. HealthFit fitness app

With an excellent 4.7-star rating and the small price of $3.99, the HealthFit app could be a viable option when Peloton isn’t syncing to Strava because you’re using its app instead of its Bike or Tread.

Manually upload a workout or activity to Strava

This is the most tedious option, but if you absolutely love the Peloton Digital workouts, don’t want to invest in a Peloton Bike, or don’t want to pay for another third-party app, consider logging an exercise to Strava manually.

To do this on Strava’s web browser, click the plus sign icon in the upper right corner, then Add manual entry from the drop-down list. Fill in the information it asks for to get an accurate picture, then click Create. Strava website for peloton not synching to sträva

On an Android device, tap the plus sign icon on the bottom right and select Manual Activity. Fill out the required information, then tap Create.

For iOS, tap the plus sign icon in the upper left-hand corner and select Manual Activity. Fill out the required information, then tap Save Activity. log manual activity in Strava

General troubleshooting tips if Peloton isn’t syncing to Strava

  • Log out, then log back into your Strava app.
  • Check to see that Strava is up to date and no upgrades are pending.
  • Uninstall and then reinstall the Strava app.
  • The classic – turn your phone off, then back on again.
  • Make sure you are in a location with good data coverage or are connected to a strong WiFi signal.
  • Try refreshing the connection by going through the pairing process again.

Most minor tech glitches can be resolved by going through these easy reset options. If your Peloton isn’t syncing with Strava despite these efforts, you may want to give either Peloton or Strava tech support a call.

Wrapping up

Both Peloton and Strava are great interfaces for avid cyclists and runners. Combine the best of both worlds by syncing your Peloton workouts to Strava’s global leader board for some friendly competition.

On the off chance that Peloton isn’t syncing with Strava, we hope that these steps for pairing and sharing data between the two are helpful for your future workouts if a problem arises.


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