7 things to consider before buying a Peloton bike

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Have you considered buying a Peloton bike this year? Peloton has taken the home cycling world to an entirely new level, for a good reason!

Whether it’s a commercial on your TV or an ad on social media, it’s hard to deny that the Peloton bike seems to be everywhere, all the time. 

Home riders are seen pedaling away, working up an amazing sweat, and getting interactive commands from their online instructors. 

The workouts look enthralling, the bike itself is sleek, and it appears to be the ideal home trainer that fits perfectly in your living room.

Before you jump right in and make this (rather large) purchase, though, we’ve got a list of seven things to consider before buying a Peloton bike. 

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What to consider before buying a Peloton bike

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How much does buying a Peloton bike cost?

This question isn’t super straightforward, because your total cost depends on what bike package you purchase, and what additional equipment you need or want.

As of the date of this article, the Bike Basics package sets you back $1,445. This does include delivery and setup.

If you go with this package, you are only getting the bike. No clip-in shoes, no weights, nothing else. And maybe that’s all you want.

However, if you want a more full, immersive experience (like what you see advertised everywhere), you’ll likely need to purchase one of the more comprehensive bike packages. 

These different packages include increasing accessories and components to the Peloton that makes your experience more complete.

The Bike Ultimate package is the most expensive at $1,985.

Must I purchase the subscription to get the most benefits and use?

You don’t need to, but without it, you’ll only have access to very limited features. 

If you opt out of their subscription service, you’ll have access to:

  1. Only three pre-recorded classes
  2. The “Just Ride” option shows standard performance metrics

This, no doubt, an obvious way to save some money. But in my opinion, you’ll be turning your amazing Peloton into any standard stationary bike.

Most of us splurge on the Peloton because of its incredible features.

heartsync on equipment

If you want the premium experience, these are the main features you get with your subscription:

  1. On-demand content and live classes
  2. Record and save your fitness metrics to a leaderboard against other members
  3. 232 scenic routes to accompany your workout
  4. Exclusive interaction with trainers and instructors who provide real feedback
  5. Additional exercise plans that include strength training, walking, yoga, and meditation
  6. Peloton music playlists to use via the app

The good news is that you can sign up for the subscription or opt out of it at any time. So at $44 per month, the choice is yours.

Do I need to purchase any specific accessories?

peloton accessories

The key word here is need. Peloton offers you everything from a basic water bottle, to a foam roller, dumbbells, a heart rate monitor, and even clip-in cycling shoes (among other things!).

I guess this depends how serious you are about your fitness. If you’re crazy about your performance metrics, then yeah, maybe the heart rate monitor would be helpful.

If you plan on incorporating any of their strength workouts into your routine, then probably having a set of dumbbells would also be necessary.

The other high price item is their Delta-compatible clip-in cleats. The Peloton bike does require a clip-in cleat, but if you already own a pair, you could probably get by without purchasing Peloton’s.

If you don’t have any, then this may be something you have to get. 

On the other hand, do you really need a Peloton-specific mat, headphones, or water bottle? Probably not. 

You can view a comprehensive list of Peloton’s accessories on their website here

Do you need to be an advanced cyclist to use Peloton?

This one is simple. No, you absolutely do not need to be an advanced cyclist to use Peloton.

And especially if you are new to riding, this should not deter you from buying a Peloton bike. 

You have access to a large variety of low impact and short duration rides that are perfect for new riders.

You can easily control how much or how little you do when on the bike. The options are nearly limitless when it comes to group classes, intensity levels, and overall ride selections. 

Buying a Peloton bike is an excellent option if you are looking to get more comfortable with cycling.

What are the dimensions of the Peloton bike?

This is also an important thing to consider when buying a Peloton bike. Knowing its dimensions can help you best plan on where it fits in your home.

The Peloton is 59 inches long, 53 inches high, and 23 inches wide

male rider on peloton bike

The bike is relatively compact, considering that it’s just under 5 feet long and 2 feet across. 

Most users haven’t found it to be an issue even when fitting it into a smaller apartment.

Do you need to use the connected Peloton app with your Peloton bike?

No. The Peloton app was actually designed to be used without the bike. 

Peloton Digital is a leading fitness app particularly for indoor training and workouts. It costs $12.99 a month, but you’ll gain access to thousands of on-demand classes and workout types. 

Peloton Digital app

You also have the option to select workouts with or without exercise equipment. 

It’s a great fitness app, but you’ll only want to sign up for it if you don’t plan on buying a Peloton bike.

Should I buy the standard Peloton Bike or the Bike+?

The standard Peloton bike is great for anyone who’s buying their first in-home bike. It’s also great for those who don’t want to spend more than $2,000.

You’ll still be getting a superb quality machine for the price, but it just won’t offer some  of the additional premium features that the Bike+ does.

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line, premium product, then the Bike+ is your best bet. It’s Peloton’s most expensive product at around $2,500.

Peloton bike+

What you’ll get with the Peloton Bike+ option:

  • Bigger touchscreen at 23.8 inches
  • 180-degree rotating touchscreen for off-bike workouts
  • Advanced, higher quality sound system
  • More advanced performance tracking
  • Comes with Auto-Follow digital resistance to automatically adjust resistance based on instructor guidance or realistic route changes

If you’re an avid cyclist and want to be just as hardcore on a Peloton bike in the cold months, then getting the Bike+ would probably satisfy you more.

I think, in general, that most recreational riders would be perfectly happy with Peloton’s standard model.

Consider purchasing a previously-owned Peloton instead of a new model for additional savings! Remember that Peloton does not honor warranties when you buy a used bike. Their warranty is not transferable from the previous owner.

However, if the current owner purchased an extended warranty from Peloton (called the Peloton’s Protection Plan) after April 5, 2022, these plans are transferable to a new owner!

Final thoughts on buying a Peloton bike

Overall, Peloton users have found the bike to be an incredible asset to their fitness routine. 

Because it is a big purchase, it’s a good idea to run through a few considerations to ensure it’s a great fit.

We hope you found these seven considerations helpful, and if they prompted you to purchase your first Peloton bike, we wish you happy cycling!


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