WiFi problems and issues connecting with Garmin watches

WiFi Problems with your Garmin smartwatch? Try these steps

Garmin’s fitness trackers work very well when they do. Unfortunately, several users with Garmin smartwatches (such as Vívoactive 3 Music & 4, Venu, Forerunner models, and...

Garmin’s Venu Series health monitoring vs Fitbit Sense health and wellness features

Garmin's Venu Series smartwatches from Garmin are competitively priced, and their feature offerings match those offered by the new Fitbit smartwatches like the Sense...

Fitbit VS Garmin – which one should you pick?

If you're looking for a mid-range to a high-end smartwatch, you've no doubt heard of either Fitbit, Garmin, or both. After all, they are...

How to contact Garmin Customer Support about issues and warranty info

Do you need to contact Garmin Customer Support about your device's problems and warrant info? Garmin’s smartwatches are some of the most advanced, stylish,...
Garmin vivosmart vs Fitbit Inspire 2

Fitbit Inspire 2 VS Garmin Vivosmart 5 and 4. Here’s what you should know

Thinking of a new fitness tracker and looking at Fitbit's Inspire 2 and Garmin's Vivosmart 5 or the older 4? Not sure which one...
Garmin Lactose Threshold

How do I run a Lactate Threshold Test on my Garmin smartwatch?

Knowing your lactate threshold is one of the best ways to improve your running performance. Many coaches will get their athletes to measure their...
Getting Pulse Oximeter Readings on garmin vivosmart 4

Make the most out of your Garmin Vivosmart pulse oximeter (blood oxygen saturation) feature

Garmin’s slim swim-friendly wearable Vivosmart 4 comes packed with many health and fitness features. One of these features is the Vivosmart's pulse oximeter (SpO2 feature)...

Strava Segments not working? Let’s fix that!

Strava Segments is one of the coolest features within the Strava app. As you run and ride, your times on the most popular portions...
2020 Garmin Solar Fenix 6

Garmin releases new Solar models of the popular Fenix Pro and Instinct SmartWatches

Garmin now offers solar-powered models of its popular Fenix Pro and Instinct SmartWatches, promising significantly increased battery life
Garin Connect app down and server outages

Garmin Connect not working? Fix it now

Garmin Connect not working? Unable to log in into Garmin Connect or is the app freezing or crashing on your Phone? Fix it now by checking these tips.