Activity rings on Apple Watch

Customize Apple Watch units of measurements using the Watch and Health apps

Learn how to change Apple Watch units of measurement as well as how to enter your body measurements into Apple Health app in iOS 14+
Fitness app in iOS 14 vs Activity app in iOS 13

Apple’s New Fitness App on iOS 14 more insightful and elegant than the old...

Apple replaces the old Activity app in iOS 13 with a more elegant and insightful Fitness app in iOS 14. Explore the new Fitness app.
How to customize Apple Watch workout metrics

Easily customize Workout Metrics on your Apple Watch

Discover the ways you can customize your workout metrics for your Apple Watch for each workout and learn how to evaluate VO2 Max metrics

Need to restart (reboot) or reset your Fitbit? Learn the steps

Usually, our Fitbit devices work without any problems, but occasionally they start acting in unusual ways, from not regularly syncing to not responding. Frequently reported...
Garmin LiveTrack not working correctly

LiveTrack not working on Garmin smartwatch? Check these tips

Some users have found that their Garmin watch does not work when using the LiveTrack feature. The unit sends the notification but it returns...
Dexcom G6 diabetes sensor system

Where should you insert & attach the Dexcom G6 CGM Sensor on your body?

The Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System offers ways for users always to know their glucose numbers and if those numbers are trending...
learn how to cancel Fitbit paid subscriptions

Cancel Fitbit Premium using your iPhone, Android, computer, or the web

If you signed up for Fitbit's paid subscription, called Fitbit Premium, and decided that you aren't using it enough, canceling it can be a...
apple watch on a table

How to pair your Apple watch to a new iPhone without losing health data...

Got the latest model iPhone, a new iPhone, or a new-to-you iPhone? Learn how to pair your Apple Watch with that new iPhone, so...
Apple health app for Apple Watch and iPhone

How to update Body Measurements on your Apple Watch and iPhone

Apple Watch & iPhone's Health app allow you to easily update your body measurements like weight or height in one place. Update from kg to lbs or m to ft
quick settings for screen wake or tap to wake on Fitbit Versa

How to turn on or off raise or tap to wake screen on Fitbit...

Fitbit's smartwatches allow you to view your screen regardless of what you're doing. If you don't want auto screen wake, follow our easy steps



Apple Watch and senior

How to set up and use an Apple Watch for parents...

Is it time to get an Apple Watch for your senior parent, family member, or older loved one? We think so. Apple Watches aren't just...